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If you want to enjoy the best cross-platform app products, one of the best options touse is to go for Xamarin-based apps. Invision Solutions excels at preparing hybrid apps that use the tools for xamarin application development in Canada. Our focus is on developing end to end app solutions that are fully compatible for use on Android, iOS, Windows platforms. Our professionals understand the potential of Xamarin and create stellar mobile apps that provide answers to all your business problems.


Why Choose Us?

Invision Solutions offers the ideal Xamarin mobile application development in Canada that serves you the way you want. Our developers are fully capable of using the shared C# code of this platform and prepare apps for any platform of yourchoice. Your system and other elements in Xamarin remain available for reuse because it offers the standard language development implementation.

Why Choose Xamarin?

Xamarin is an excellent set of tools to create hybrid apps for multiple platforms. It allows developers to produce native apps with elegant user interfaces. Whether used on MacOS or Windows, it shares code elements allowing developers to use a singular app development solution. It provides the facility of C# code, which can be productively employed to work on all platforms, providing a genuine capacity for hybrid app development.

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We provide native Android apps that are fully developed using Xamarin tools. These apps have the same power as ones created by Kotlin or Java. You get the benefit of using a native AI, comparable performance, and a much faster app development process. In fact, we can also provide any API support that your Xamarin-based Android app may require.


We also offer the most suitable Xamarin iOS apps that are easy to design, have a powerful user interface comparable to using Swift and Xcode, and offer perfect cross-platform integration. The use of shared C# programming is ideal for use for other platforms as well. Enjoy the true iOS experience by receiving apps that are supported over various Apple platforms, like the Apple TV and the Apple Watch.


Looking for exquisite Windows apps? Invision Solutions offers Xamarin-based apps for your needs. These apps are compatible for use with all Windows 10 implementations and boast the cross-platform features that are capable of reducing app development costs. The shared C Sharp code allows us to present a cost-effective solution, with the ability to later create cross-platform functionality.

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e-market places

retail & e-commerce

event management

hospitality management

learning & education

user management

healthcare management

finance management

social management

exchange & brokerage

transport & logistics

media & entertainment

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development services

Custom Xamarin App Development
Get a custom-designed Xamarin application development in Canada from us and make sure that it fully encompasses all your business requirements. We communicate with our clients comprehensively and produce all custom Xamarin apps by following a critical development process..
Xamarin App Maintenance
With our experts on the job, you are free to focus on your core business, leaving the tedious maintenance tasks to those that excel at it.
Xamarin App Upgradation Services
Allow Invision Solutions to handle all your Xamarin app up-gradation tasks. We manage the complicated version.
Xamarin App Migration Services
Invision Solutions helps our clients with any App migration needs. Xamarin apps can be easily ported to different platforms because of the ideal support that they receive with the help of the shared C# programming resources.
Xamarin App Testing Services
Want to quickly market your Xamarin app? Allow us to perform the comprehensive testing required for producing the ideal Xamarin app version. Our QA experts ensure that the app can be tested at all development stages and is fully capable to work on the desired mobile platform.
Xamarin Enterprise App Development
Get a Xamarin enterprise app and ensure that all your business problems are resolved. We can create complex business apps that can connect to portals and manage large databases to offer extended functionality.

The Process We Follow
Premium Mobile App design...

We are a premium Xamarin app design and development company based in Canada. Our experienced team members excel in using Xamarin tools and use the shared coding elements to develop extraordinary mobile apps for our clients.

Our agency work with you to understand your application idea and its objectives. We then refine the idea and prepare a detailed specification document.
This is our design step where we design the concept, using graphics, icons and everything in between. We define an identity and design application assets.
Here, we start the actual development by making the application functional. We code the application and its respective server-side components.
Our quality assurance team takes your application and tests it thoroughly from screen to screen, recording everything and ensuring that it works perfectly.
Our company either submit your app to the respective app store(s) or make your web app live to start delivering its promises.
Our company fixes any issues coming out of our testing and give the application a final touch.

Cup of Coffee together

We are a pioneer of mobile application development in Canada, and our experienced professionals have helped many businesses with their software needs. We believe that we can offer you added value, which is difficult to find at another mobile app development avenue. Let us have a cup of coffee together to understand how you can enjoy an affordable, unique, and highly customized project of mobile application development in Canada with Invision Solutions!


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We add value to your business. We develop Xamarin apps that conform to your business needs and produce automated solutions for your routine business problems.
We bring quick Xamarin app development results. This is possible with the use of our optimized processes of agile development and rapid prototyping. Our team follows each project closely and ensure that the required functionality is implemented in the initial design.
Mobile Testing
Invision Solutions has a detailed system of mobile testing automation. This ensures that all Xamarin apps are fully tested on all the required platforms and devices automatically to reduce the development time and programming effort. This effectively provides the final app to our client in a record time.
Our designers are experienced and always create an elegant user experience. The UI design team is capable of beating the mark in every Xamarin app project. We ensure that your brand identity is enhanced and fully promoted through your Xamarin app.
We believe in transparent Xamarin app development, and we make this possible by using mutually shared processes. Our development team employs video calls, emails, reports, and any other tool which is necessary to share the status of the project with the client. This enables swift feedback and quick app development time.
Get a Xamarin app developed from us and you gain the benefit of seamless app integration. Whether you want a new app to work with a third-party software, or are looking to build backward compatibility, our apps are fully integrated and work with any desired platform.

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