The ideal web application architecture is required for establishing a successful modern business

Businesses can greatly improve their efficiency and service structure when they use modern technological solutions. A great tool in this regard is to develop a web application to automate business processes. A modern IT solution is to develop a web application that can overtake your manual business processes, while offering several additional benefits.

You can make the right choice for development only when you understand the web application architecture. A good software and app development firm in Canada will not hesitate to first inform you about their professional practices, as this will help you in your development decisions. As an experienced app development, we bring you the important concepts of the web application architecture to create a better understanding of this powerful business tool.


Web Application Architecture

A web application does not work as a standalone element. It consists of several components and items that work together to provide s useful functionality. It includes server elements, client-side code, and supporting database storage just to name a few fundamental parts. Usually, a working web application offers a unique website that offers the interface to the users.

However, a web app may employ several supporting websites to perform various business functionalities, such as creating a record, storing customer details, and allocating resources according to the stored preference. The complete set of elements that are required for a functioning web app create its architecture. The architecture covers the entire process of the app opening in the browser to the end of a user session.

Web Application Components

The web application architecture consists of several components. Hiring a reputed software and app development company in Canada will ensure that you gain access to quality components. A key component is the visual design, which generates the user experience. The structural components consist of client and server side software tools. Here are more details:


Client Side Components

Client-side components are the ones that include the visual design as well as other elements that produce the user experience. Common programming tools include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These tools are independent of the web application platform and are designed to run based on the functionality embedded in the modern web browsers.

These components should always focus on providing ease of use to your clients. This means that the visual design should follow the ideal web app standards and allow the users to understand how to best use the available options. A good practice is to first create a design and then improve it after obtaining user feedback. The client-side components simply work as an external layout and do not take part in the technical working of the app.


Server Side Components

There are several ways in which server-side components of a web app can be prepared. PHP, Java, and Ruby on Rails are currently quite useful and employed for creating the functional elements of your app. A good software and app development firm in Canada first understands your needs, and then develops two server components.

The first component is your logic control, which receives the user inputs from the client side software, processes it, and then carries out a function based on the results. The second component is your database. This can be implemented using software solutions such as MySQL or Oracle’s RDBMS. An experienced web app developer is the one, who can combine both of these elements to create an efficient server application support system for your needs.

Setting up Web App Architecture

There are different ways in which your web application architecture can be set up. These conform to various practical scenarios, with each one providing a unique set of benefits and limitations. A simple app only works with a single web server which is supported by a singular database support. This model has a limited practical application, as you cannot run a web app without the tools to ensure consistency and continuous availability.

Your web app developer in Canada will ask you to at least have two servers with a singular database. Ideally, these components should be housed on different physical machines to provide redundancy and the ability to always remain functional. Multiple web servers ensure that a single device failure will not cause a failed application under any scenario.

You can also combine multiple database resources with multiple servers. Large web apps must use this infrastructure, where an array of database elements are combined with various web servers. This ensures that identical information is stored on multiple devices, allowing for redundancy and quickly providing data against user requests.

Using multiple server components can often require a separate element as well. This is a load balancer, which ensures that all the available servers share the load equally, reducing the chances of a web app failure. Working with an experienced app development firm in Canada will ensure that you get the ideal web app architecture that already takes care of these problems and possible failure scenarios.

Web App Architecture Choices

There are some options available when creating a web app architecture. You can either select a simple structure based on HTML5 or go for a complex solution that can use JavaScript, HTML, JSON and other elements in an integrated package. The types of choices that are available to you depend on the logic of your app, as well as the way your app has distributed functionality across the server and client side code elements. Here are some notable types of web app architecture based on the employed platforms:



An HTML app simply works as a website. The server contains the entire logic and sends out a complete HTML webpage to the user. An update is only possible when the user asks for an update and once again receives a complete copy on the browser. This does not provide a dynamic application, but ensures excellent security.

Widget App

A widget also works well and allows clients to use a page with multiple entities. AJAX queries can be designed to work on the client side, which allowing information to be included from HTML and JSON resources. This allows for app updates in real time. These apps are mobile-friendly and allow users to enjoy a dynamic environment. Modern web servers are more than capable of using this swift app development logic.

Single-Page App

We suggest that you go for the single-page web application architecture. The user only downloads a single page when the web app initially opens up. The client-side software contains a JavaScript layer, which is capable of carrying out all data exchange communication with the server side app components.

This architecture ensures that your web app automatically updates in the real-time, while always allowing the user to carry out the intended functionality. Single-page web apps work just like mobile apps, and can often be prepared using a hybrid wrapper platform, allowing them to become a mobile app.

This architecture is also swift as data can be transferred between client and server components in quantified quantities. The JS layer ensures that the overall structure remains flexible, while providing optimal functionality under all circumstances. You should hire a web app development firm in Canada, which is capable of employing this dynamic functionality for your business app needs.


Current Architecture Trends

Web app architecture has progressed significantly in the past few years. We have moved to an era of offering service-oriented solutions. The web architecture must now focus on enhancing user experience and ensuring that the best performance is delivered on the UI/UX front. A complex solution which is difficult to use has lost its value and simplicity has taken over complexity.

The trend today is to have web apps that offer a detailed solution by using a vivid visual design and the ability to provide information as per the user need. This is possible with all web architecture schemes, but is ideally implemented with a web app solution that employs a one-page dynamic customer side application interface.

Different parts of the code refer to one another using an efficient electronic data interchange method. This ensures that maximum performance is possible, while using as minimum resources as possible for maintaining the functional structure of a web application. A good web app architecture uses objects that are stored in relational databases.

The app works by bringing the required objects on client devices and making update requests to the server-side software, which works as the logic control. Database records can be quickly recalled, creating a better user experience and a faster service altogether. An experienced software and app development firm in Canada will always offer you this type of web app development with the use of relational database elements.

Best Web App Application Architecture Practices

A good web application is possible by following the ideal industry practices. These include procedures which limit the problems that may appear during the use of web apps. An experienced web app developer understands the key problems during the lifecycle of software produces and employs these ideal architecture practices to ensure optimal solutions:


1. Simple as Possible

The first key practice is to keep the web app architecture as simple as possible. Remember, starting with a complex structure is often a recipe for disaster. Users may find it difficult to use apps that are filled with features but are difficult to operate. We suggest that you ask your web app developer to start with a simple project scope and then move towards implementing more complex tasks.

2. Swift Response

The web app architecture should ideally ensure a swift response to all user queries. This requires an efficient coding method and the use of highly integrated client and server-side software tools. A good architecture achieves this by first analyzing the requirements from a web app and then implementing a suitable balance of client and server-side logic controls.

The ideal response is possible with more data sent to the client’s side. However, this can create a slow initial loading time, which is not desirable in most business environments. Working with an experienced software and app development company in Canada will ensure that these needs are adequately balanced. This will result in a web app that implements swift response at the core of its functional design.

3. No Single Point of Failure

A good web app architecture eliminates the possibility of a single point of failure. This situation occurs when the failure of a single network support device causes the failure of the entire application. A good web app developer will always implement multiple servers and use redundancy to ensure that your sensitive user data always remains protected under any scenario.

Sometimes, a logical error may also produce a single point of failure that may happen in a particular application scenario. Working with a reputed web app development firm will give you access to better quality assurance procedures, eliminating the instances of logical errors. We suggest that you ensure that these instances are identified and eliminated to create an optimal app.

4. Data Analytics

Modern web apps provide the facility for data analytics. This is possible by implementing strong database solutions that allow the gathering of information, which can then be analyzed to provide further clues about improving the app. Modern apps are only successful when they can identify their inherent problems and make quick improvements using a subsequent app update.

Good data analytics provide the information that your app developer may need to identify your target audience allowing you to better align your business functionality. With good analytics available directly in your web app, you are armed with all the tools necessary to constantly improve your services and attract more customers.

5. Scalability

The online world has no boundaries and your business can expand at an astronomical rate. Your web app needs to have the same capability and scale with your growing business. A good software and app development firm in Canada will always create a scalable solution for your web app needs. The ideal practice is to use a project scope which is capable of breaking your needs into miniature targets.


We hope that this discussion would enable you to better understand the different web application architecture elements. Developing an optimal web app is only possible though when you work with an experienced software developer, capable of creating any type of required architecture. We suggest that you work with a development firm that understands your needs and becomes your technology partner in a long-term relationship.

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