A Winning Design is a Necessary Start for Establishing Successful Ecommerce Stores

Creating powerful ecommerce websites is essential for your online success. We believe that the starting point of every ecommerce store consists of achieving winning designs that make it unique from the competitors. There are several tips that can ensure that you enjoy excellent ecommerce designs helping you develop the best online stores.

Here, we share the excellent tricks that will allow you to enjoy winning ecommerce designs that ensure online success:


1. Prioritize Loading Speed

You must prioritize loading speed in all your online ecommerce designs. A top web design company in Canada can ensure that you enjoy winning designs that always employ fast loading elements and coding schemes. This is an important tip as a slow loading website will quickly lose out visitors and suffer from an excessive bounce rate.


There are several ways to ensure that your design has excellent loading speed. You should always use the lowest image size for any given situation. It is also important to optimize your code to ensure that there are no asset fetching delays. Only when you can ensure a swift loading speed, it is possible to design ecommerce websites that can truly achieve success in their relevant industry.

2. Multiple Sized Images

Another trick is to create a responsive landing page and place multiple sized images. This ensures your ecommerce website is displayed well on any mobile device or desktop. The code on your website can automatically detect the user’s screen and use a relevant set of visual assets to ensure exemplary user experience.


One way of ensuring that you have the right sized images in your ecommerce designs is to hire an experienced web design company in Canada like ours. We have a team of experienced web designers that understands the needs of displaying a website properly on multiple platforms. They create the ideal visual assets that are perfectly displayed on all supported devices for the optimum online store experience.

3. Consistent Visual Layout

Good website designs use a consistent visual layout across all webpages. This is important for an ecommerce store as it must represent your brand in a coherent manner. When you hire experienced ecommerce designers for your online stores, you can ensure a consistent visual layout which shows similar design patterns across all the required landing pages.


We believe that it is important to work with a reputed web design company in Canada to ensure a consistent visual layout for your online stores. This is possible because a web design firm can create web design templates from scratch and develop multiple page designs according to the needs of your ecommerce website. A good way to ensure design consistency is to develop a design plan that mentions the comprehensive details of the required ecommerce website design.

4. Navigation in Design

Most websites use top or sidebars to present website navigation. We believe that successful ecommerce websites are the ones that also use their visual design to incorporate the basic navigation. The logo must also serve as a homepage navigation button. There can also be beautiful display sections of your products and services that also point to their specific landing pages.


Good ecommerce websites incorporate excellent navigation in their UI design. This enhances the usability of online stores and allows every visitor to navigate to the pages that they find interesting. Hiring a reputed web design company in Canada is the key to developing good design navigation, improving the experience of your website visitors.

5. Design Limited Choices

Sometimes, the design of an ecommerce website can be confusing for the visitors by offering too much information in a limited space. Although you may want to show all your products and important policies on your homepage, providing limited choices is a winning option especially when designing mobile-friendly websites. By having to limit the choices in your design, you actually optimize each page with the most important elements.


You should also consult with an experienced web design company in Canada to decide how you can implement limited choices in the design of your ecommerce store. Limited choices will give you better control over the actions of the store visitor. This practice will allow you to guide the visitor efficiently towards making a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter. Such actions allow you to reduce the bounce rate and optimize the performance of your ecommerce store.

6. Simple User Interface

A key tip for all types of web designs is to develop the simplest user interface. Websites especially online stores often receive visits from all demographics and they must be able to service even the most basic internet user. You should always direct your selected web design company in Canada to go ahead with a simple user interface that aims to service all target segments using a self-explanatory design.


Creating a simple user interface is often more difficult than creating a complex one, because you must remove all the less important elements. However, this practice pays well in developing an ecommerce website which is capable of delivering optimal user experience. With a simple UI, you can ensure that the focus of your visitors remains on your powerful content and call to actions.

7. Create Easy Scrolling

A key factor is to implement easy scrolling in your ecommerce design. Some stores present too much information to their visitors which is cramped in a limited space. This negatively impacts the user experience by confusing them as to which options to select and what links to view to gain more information. When presented with designing choices, always select scrolling over putting too many details at the top of the page.


A top web design company in Canada can use this trick and create effective ecommerce websites that focus on easy scrolling. This allows the website to appear well on numerous screen sizes and never suffer from the problem of information overload. With all the components properly spaced in your online store design, it is perfectly suited for immediate use to establish a successful ecommerce business.

8. Implement Visual Cues

Another important trick to create winning ecommerce website designs is to implement visual cues in your user interface. You should allow visitors to look at images and other visual elements and understand what they represent in your overall design. Each link can have a suitable visual element with it that makes it easier for people to comprehend its practical value.


Visual cues especially include graphical pointers that help in enhancing your navigation elements. Your design should include relevant images that empower the experience of your visitors. Working with a reputed web design company in Canada is the key to implement powerful visual cues that enhance the performance of your ecommerce stores.

9. Include Social Media Buttons

Social media is extremely important for online businesses all around the world. Your ecommerce web design must acknowledge the importance of social media interaction by including social media access buttons within the store’s landing pages. These buttons should be present in the easily viewable sections of your website’s pages to ensure optimal performance.


There are many design templates that already include social media buttons. However, if you are designing your store to be fully customized, never forget to include social media buttons at prominent places. This will enhance user experience and often allow you to engage with your target audience over prominent social media platforms.

10. Use Real Pictures

Most website designs that we see on the internet use stock images that are freely available. We believe that using real pictures is important for establishing a successful ecommerce website. A great way to attract potential customers is to use the pictures of your actual products and loyal customers in your website design. This can enhance your brand reputation and increase the conversion rate of your visitors.


You should work with your web design company in Canada to focus on using real pictures in your online store design. You can provide the visual elements or ask them to design them for you. This can often be a more expensive design option, but it can truly enhance the UI/UX performance of your web store. However, it is not necessary to only have pictures with people and products in them. You should allow your designer to choose the best images for your particular ecommerce website design needs.

11. Focus on Listing Preference

It is not possible to display all your products and services on a single page. This means that you must use listings and hierarchical structures to provide efficient navigation for your ecommerce website visitors. Research shows that people naturally focus more on the starting and ending elements of a list, while forgetting items that lie in the middle. You should give preference to your top products and services and show them at appropriate places in the navigation and product display lists.


Working with a reputed web design company in Canada allows you to ensure that all the important products are always listed in a visually preferred position. This is excellent for optimizing your online store design, ensuring an enhanced performance and better visibility for your most relevant products. You can always review your website design before it goes online and make small listing adjustments to prioritize important elements of your ecommerce website for maximum performance gains.

12. Calls to Action

A key tip is to include multiple calls to action in your ecommerce website design. Whether you want to promote certain products or want your visitors to sign up for your email newsletter, it is important to give them visual cues for achieving this objective. It is a good practice to discuss the position of your call to actions with your selected web design company in Canada.


Good call to actions are the ones that use clear language and a visual aid to better point towards the action that you want your visitor to perform. If you offer booking over the phone, a good call to action will be aimed towards attracting people to make a call for booking your product. By ensuring that the action is beneficial for the user, you can control the path of your consumer and help them make the required buying decision.

13. Include Reviews

The next trick is to include customer reviews within your ecommerce store design. If you include product reviews in the appropriate sections of your online store, they can greatly impact your visitors and enhance their conversion rates. Your chosen web design company in Canada will help you find the ideal place in your store design to host customer reviews for maximum impact.


Customer reviews are a great tool and can enhance your overall design. Ecommerce websites can especially profit from including reviews on all their important pages, ensuring that visitors can always find out what previous customers are saying about the brand’s top products. With the reviews ideally implemented with the design, your ecommerce store is perfectly aligned to attract prospective clients.

14. Smart Use of Whitespace

You cannot include visual elements on the entire screen. There needs to be some empty space between important elements so that visitors can distinguish them from one another. This requires website designers to make smart use of whitespace in their design, where it can form effective borders and can redirect the attention of store visitors.


Good website designs make the ideal use of whitespace. They use it to create distinct sections and help users focus on the most important elements of your online store. A top web design company in Canada will always have a team of experienced designers who will make the full use of whitespace and visual assets in their ecommerce designs. This will ensure that you can design online stores that are sure to succeed within your timeline.



These are some sure tips to ensure that you can create winning designs for your ecommerce websites. Ideally, you should always select a reputed web design company in Canada to work on your online store designs. By following the top industry practices for developing ecommerce stores, you can ensure swift success and avoid making risky business moves.

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