Creating an app is challenging. Promoting it the right way is even harder!

Imagine if you had an innovative business idea that needed implementation through a software application. You selected a suitable app development company and converted your idea into a reliable application. However, your app is still far away from implementation as you currently do not have the target audience required to make the project a success. What you need is the best possible app promotion.

Our focus in this post remains on sharing the different ways in which you can ensure that your business app can achieve the success that you have dreamed of. This is possible by creating a solid app promotion plan, avoiding the common rookie mistakes, and ensuring that you support your business application throughout this journey.


Educate Your Target Market

The first step in creating an effective app promotion plan is to educate your target market. You must have produced an app because you know about the advantages that it can offer. You should not keep these benefits to yourself and create effective educational campaigns. When you share this knowledge with your prospective customers, only then you can ensure that you can successfully promote your professional app.

Spreading knowledge allows your business to become an industry leader for information. This allows you to then actively present a product/service in the market that caters to a specific business problem. You should create a smart educational campaign which specifically creates a better understanding of the business problem that you are attempting to resolve. This way, you enjoy a viable market for your service once you present it to a knowledgeable audience.

Make App Launch an Event

Now that you have prepared an app, you cannot simply roll it out. You need to turn your app into a superstar and support it with a launching event. Think of your app like a branded clothing line that you are launching. You will surely run aggressive ad campaigns for it and the same should occur for your app. When you turn your app launch into a Hollywood event, you will surely garner industry attention directly.

We suggest that you use the promotion strategy that consists of three elements. The first element is a teaser where you produce hints about the possibility of an app. Your teaser phase starts the moment your app is under development, as it will always follow your business objectives. The teaser serves two purposes. Firstly, it creates the initial buzz for your business idea; secondly, it allows you to gain important market feedback to tweak your app during development.

The second element is that of providing a preview. Once your app has taken its initial shape. You can circulate an initial preview of its visual design and basic functionality. Focus on your important features and get their previews out there for all to see. At this point, you do not have to describe the functionality of these features, as you are simply allowing the targeted population to make their guess about them.

The third element is the launch. Think of it as the actual launch of a movie where you have carried out a strong advertisement campaign prior to it. The launching should occur in the form of an event. You do not need to go all out in terms of expenses, but make sure that you can have the word out in your targeted market environment that your app is now available. There are various ways in which you can further empower your app launch.

Create a Supporting Online Presence

You may be wondering about the ideal channels for promoting your application. We suggest that you create a strong online presence that supports your business app. You can create social media pages as well as a specific website for your upcoming software product. We suggest that you design the visual elements of your app first and post them online for everyone to see.

You must engage your target audience in discussing your app and the business problem that it resolves. Only a constant buzz about your app idea will ensure that there is a business understanding of your solution when the app is finally available for use. This supporting online presence can later evolve into your product support and serve as the knowledge centre for your app users.


Get Early Signups

When you have a promotional website up, you will start to receive early inquiries. Always create a plan to entertain your prospective clients and offer the early bird discount to those who want to connect with you. You can collect email leads and other contact details by offering early signup discounts. We find that most of these early contacts turn into your most loyal app customers over time. With the right promotional strategy, you can have an excellent conversion rate and build the initial target population for your business application.

Build on Initial Promotion

The initial promotion often prepares your target audience to receive more about your app. Once it is out there, you must build on your earlier efforts and provide detailed information using multiple support avenues. You can use several online marketing tools to entice your customers towards your application. Focus on the primary features of your app, but always allow the audience to give their inputs about what more the app can do for them in the future.

You should continue to support your app promotion by using strong elements. You should consider creating a blog where you continue to provide information as well as promotion important features of your app. This will engage your users and help you build a viable audience which is looking forward to a future update.

You should ideally create a promotional schedule where you continue to target your audience with effective marketing tools. It is important to keep your application fresh in the minds of the industry, allowing you to build smartly on your initial success. When your marketing is in the right place, you are ready to make the next step and use other winning strategies.

Use Viral Marketing

If you have produced the first wave of app users, it is important to use them for further marketing success. You need to employ viral marketing. It refers to using your current set of consumers to discuss information about your app to their friends and associates. This creates a natural buzz about your service and allows the knowledge of your app to reach the ideal target audience.

The idea here is to generate organic interest in your business and the application that you are promoting. If you have partnered with an experienced app development company, you can continue to focus on improving your viral marketing. Your technical solutions and updates can be handled by your developer, ensuring that you can further enhance the results of your marketing campaigns.


Use Data Analytics

The best app promotion is possible when you understand your target audience, but also measure their engagement to find real-time industry trends. Keeping an eye on your visits and current clients is essential, as it gives you the required information to alter your marketing campaign. Data is a leading factor in creating the environment that helps you make the best business decisions.

You can use several analytical software tools that help you make the right business decision. You can understand what terms people are using to search for your application. This allows you to tweak your branding efforts and increase the return on investment (ROI) as much as possible. You should use analytics to find out patterns in your customers and then make software improvements accordingly.

Look for Upsell/Cross-Sell

If you have developed an app which offers multiple buying options, your marketing should always focus on producing upsell and cross-sell opportunities wherever possible. Here, we are focusing on the upsell that may be possible by moving your customer towards a higher service package. A tiered pricing plan is best supported when you continue to move your clients towards the higher end of your profits.

Give your customers all the tools that allow them to understand the benefits of making an upsell. Highlight the benefits of taking an expensive package and present the value for money that it has on offer. Your focus is to create a subtle marketing effect which allows existing customers to feel that they can do much more by making the suggested upsell.

Brand Awareness

All your business assets work towards creating your brand. You can only do well if you continue to create your brand awareness using all available elements. Your professional app is not different in this regard. The best app promotion is the one that focuses on generating brand awareness through all its facets. We also suggest that your campaigns should ultimately create a strong brand that will automatically enhance the worth of your app.


Promotional Hook

It is important that you create a powerful promotional hook. The most important factor for this purpose is to have a unique name that will entice the target market. Your app name should have the promise of becoming a brand. Do not go for names that are too complex and hard to remember. Your business idea may be complex but your app identity needs to remain as simple as possible.

You should pick a name which is short and catchy. This will your business to fully capitalize on the branding aspect of the name, while still allowing the devil to remain in the details of your app, which are seldom advertised aggressively. You should not worry about getting the exact matching domain name, as long as you can create a supporting online presence that uses the same marketing tone.


If you want to enjoy the best app promotion, we suggest that you work with a reputed mobile app development company. Working with an experienced app developer will allow you to focus completely on your marketing efforts to optimize your promotional practices.
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