It’s time to uncover the costs you missed-out in the first place!

The most common concerns Canadian companies are facing today is the hidden cost of mobile app development. Mainly it is due to the lack of enough knowledge on the subject and making the wrong choices for app developer. Another reason is poor budgeting and cost estimation.

Jumping into the app development business with limited knowledge will not prevent you from the hidden costs associated with the Canadian industry. You are likely to consider only the foreseen costs associated with the developer. Such a false believe can lead to a big blunder! In actuality the cost for mobile app is way beyond its development. To save you from an unfortunate situation, this article will highlight the five hidden costs related to building mobile app development you must be careful about.


App Store

If you want to build an app, it is important to identify which app store is more appropriate. It is also vital to have basic knowledge of the rules and policies of the app store. Some initial fees includes one-time charges for Google play about $25, while Apple charges annually up to $99.

Your preferences might change depending on the type of app you wish to develop. You must understand that distribution of mobile app in the stores, you will lose some control over it. Since, you have to play according to their rules. The concern is that these store update their policy and rules often. So, maybe your app complied the rules however now it is a violation of one or more policies. This can make you stuck over the updated development causing substantial cost.

Another challenge is to be approved by the reviewers for quality standards. It is possible that junior reviewers might not approve or delay your app. Flagging it unapproved can delay your app release up to weeks and sometimes months. Although, most apps are eventually approved it is not necessary that they will make it for the first time. If changes are required they are usually development changes which means more cost, so you must be aware of this cost and add it in your budget before starting the project.


Those are new to mobile app development are not aware of the complexities of developing an app for cross platforms. A typical app for Canadian business is much easier to develop and run than an app that works on different platforms. In reality if you need a native cross platform app than you need separate applications for both. If you need your app to work on tablet platforms there will be different applications. Therefore, it cannot be termed as a single mobile app but multiple mobile app project where all apps should give the same results. You can refer these apps as affected application types for native and hybrid apps. Although, hybrid wrappers simplifies the cross-platform app development, still there are some concerns that need to be addressed. Web apps can work through various platforms being deployed using the web and immune to costs relevant to cross-platforms.


App Design

Usually, if you are developing the app for the first time you may consider that developer may handle the design as well. It is a significant loss as the users will not like to use your app in long-run. User experience should be considered as the most relevant factor for the success of your application.

It seems quite a solution to spin up few development teams in Canada and hire a developer by throwing a quick design. After all it is the cheapest, convenient and fastest option you will have, as well as without any arguments between the developer and designer. Such decisions are usually based on the idea that design expertise are optional, while developer expertise are essential.

Sorry to break your heart, the most common reason of uninstalling an application is the poor design. Even if your app is most useful, compromising on design will not retain users but drive them off instead. It is better that you realize the importance of hiring a good designer for your application. If you see it as an extra cost, remember functions have their own value, while users won’t stay longer to see your functions if the designing is not interesting.

Early rejection and low adoption rates is the result of bad design and good design is not possible without a professional designer. Try to limit your app’s cycles of re-designing by initially coming up with the best design solutions. You may get stuck in the software development to improve your design, while you have already lost your potential customer base with the poor design experience. Now you will need to try much harder than before.

It is also not true that you cannot find an individual with both expertise, but is not as easy as it seems as well as it may cost you almost the same as hiring the two specialists. You can always hire a design firm to help you prevent the cost of bad design!

App Data Storage

You must add the data storage cost in your budget for building an app. If you are developing data driven app you must have the knowledge of your storage. Such as if you acquired the cloud, then you will have to pay as per the amount of data and provider you choose. If is easy to understand how this cost works by understanding the points, where in your app you store data/ information. Therefore, when you scale up your data storage cost will increase. Starting small it is manageable but looking at large companies like Facebook pays a big amount for its massive data. So wherever you store data it will add up to investments.

App Changes

Initial cost estimation proposed by your developer (whether internal or external) is usually based on the initial requirement specifications. However, it is common that your requirements may change throughout the app development process. Unfortunately, most companies do not estimate these additional costs in their budget. There is always a possibility that you are not satisfied with the existing design and wish to see changes or you change your mind about the cross-platform feature in your app.

Off course, all these changes add up your cost, notably the smaller changes may add up quickly. It is important to realize that even the small features might make a big difference to your app and you need the changes! So what? Make it count in your budget plan! Since, it is an ever-growing trend that you come across an attractive feature and wish to integrate it in your app. It may also be your competitive advantage if competitors failed to implement it before you.

Often, the major disaster is a scope creep when client keeps on changing or adding the features that are out of the scope of the project. In some cases, client may wish to see features that are not even necessary for the first version of app. While, sometimes client is not aware of the development process and cost relevant to mid-project changes. Obviously, it is cheaper to have a sight changes as the color button and costly to integrate GPS for check-in and location tracking.


On Device Testing

It is tricky to anticipate for the testing cost across the devices, often due to underestimation. Usually, companies have no knowledge of the test and how much it will take. It is complicated as there are a number of mobile devices in the market beyond iOS and Android. Testers will test you app for different network speed, OS version, screen sizes, and device types. It you seek perfection at first place, then testing will give your app that look and feel. Your developer may need to consider a number of points to address this issue as what looks desirable on Samsung may look horrible on iPhone.

The list of top 5-10 mobile devices most used today

Versions you need to be compatible

Some devices may not give the perfect experience

App Maintenance

It is a big misconception to consider mobile app as one time investment. It is not over once your app is released, but there is an on-going process of fixing bugs, adding new features, OS updating, security patches, etc. App development is much easier part then keeping up with the market and adding changes as the need arises. Such as explained initially that Google play and Apple Store updates their rules and standards and your app needs to comply with them. In case you fail to meet the requirements they will throw your app out and all your efforts will be wasted. Try implementing all the suitable solutions and dedicate a team or individual to stay connected with the App maintenance. You may always have better results when hiring a dedicated team or company for this purpose.


Obviously, if you have created a brilliant app but no one knows about it, you will come up short with the users and your app can never give you the result you want. It was possible earlier when the app stores had very few products but now it is impossible to match the fast-paced app store environment where several new apps are introduced every day. If you are in competition with 2 million app products, how do you think users will find you?

Marketing is much important as the product development as if you have the best app but who will use it? This is a hidden cost because most of the Canadian companies that are new to app development do not count the marketing costs. If you do not allocated budget for marketing, people won’t download your app and you will waste your development cost as well. Digital marketing being the best way to promote your app with social media, websites, and blogs. Companies think, it doesn’t always require hiring people for marketing; however, it is important to hire skilled people same as developer and designer. Otherwise, your money will be on stake!

Off course not every app requires marketing; such as your internal organization apps, where your employees communicate and share information. There apps don’t require marketing. Success of such apps depends on how you train and educate your employees about the proper use of app and live up to your expectations.



If you do not understand the underling hidden costs of app development it means you are not well-prepared for the go in the Canadian app market. It means you will end up spending much more than what you will if you study these constraints initially. It is likely that you may achieve just an unfinished product without considering these costs. How much it costs to create an app? It is a simple question with rather complex answer. Although if you know what you want in your app and exactly go on the right track with anticipated hidden costs you can avoid the invariable expenses.

Invision Solutions is inherent to change, it is this idea that fuels our ability to be more adaptable to hidden costs in app development. However, what’s the most powerful part is how we value our clients the most and move forward with this relationship.

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