Working along the interests of society has never been easy. As society rapidly travels towards the evolution in computer technology, people interested in application development always want to keep up with its pace. It has never been an easy task to be an IOS application developer. Apple is continuously working and figuring out ways to make the IOS application development as easy as possible. People in this field of application development are developing IOS applications and games worth using.

Several companies take IOS application development very seriously and provide people with a lot of help and guidance to be a good developer. Companies like Swift Programming language, XCode 7 Development Environment, and tools like Metal help out people in an efficient way to develop a game or an application on the IOS platform.

It may look like quite a milestone to design your games or application through coding, but the IOS system has made it quite easy. Some many resources and platforms can help you out to become a game developer or an application developer.

If you want to be a developer, you might want to consider the following steps:

Get in touch with IOS Operating System!

If you want to be an IOS application developer, buying an iPhone and Mac Book should be the first step you do to understand this operating system’s working. Unlike the android operating system, IOS is a bit different, but with so many additional features you can imagine.

After buying this system, you should sign up with the apple developer connection. You will get all the access to support materials, and you can also register several IOS devices to apple for testing your applications. Don’t worry! You will not have to pay to sign up and register as a developer, so you can sign up and get access to all the developer tools for the current retail version of IOS.

After you sign up for the IOS developer mode, the next thing you should do is choose a platform for developing IOS applications. Xcode is one of the famous software that is used for IOS application development. This software can be downloaded and installed from the Mac store, and it is cost-free. It is a complete IOS development tool that allows you to write and edit your code, design your application’s interface, and debug and test the app.

After all this, the next thing you should do is perform some experiments on the existing apps on your IOS device. Do some editing in the code, change their interface, and build simple apps like weather applications and calculators. Practice these applications as much as you can.

Getting an Idea for your IOS Application

Once you get familiar with the iOS operating system’s interfaces and its applications, you are ready to build a new app for IOS. The mistakes that almost all the new developers make are that they try to build an app consisting of everything, and as they don’t have enough experience and knowledge, they find it hard to build an IOS app, and hence they quit. Besides all this, you should come up with a smaller idea. Don’t look for something that has not been built before but look for something you can build. Spend more time researching ideas to find a good idea for your app, and when you find it, do not waste time and start developing.

Work on the Wireframe of an App

Whenever we talk about the wireframe of the app, there are two things to consider:

  • User experience design: It is all about the app’s goals and the features to include in the app.
  • User Interface: It is about the visual representation of the features you want to add to your app, like textures, font colour, size, background colours, images, etc.

To design the iPhone application, both of these components are essential.

The best practice is to design the user experience first and the user interface later. A wireframe is just an outline of your app that allows you to focus on the user experience instead of the user interface. It would be best to focus on how your application’s interface can match all the features and access these features through the user interface.

After designing the user experience, you can focus on the user interface and start cleaning your wireframe.

Have only one goal on one screen

Design the user interface so that the user can only see one goal on one screen. Avoid complex designing of the user interface. For example, if a user wants to login into your app, you should only provide the following interfaces:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Forget Password
  4. Login Button
  5. Sign-up Button (In case the user does not have an account already)

So, username and password are essential for the login, but another screen or window should pop up for further use if the user chooses other options. Ensure what is important for the current page and decrease all the visual weight that can confuse the users. Your app’s complexity will affect the usage and popularity of your app in some serious negative ways.

Font size and style also matter if you want to make your app’s visual representation attractive. Unless you have some boring design for your app, you should not use the default font style and size.

Use Extra Screen for more information!

Moving into a new view is essential to avoid complexity. So, if you cannot add so much information in one view, you can add another view. An iOS operating system uses this kind of information to decrease complexities. For example, when you are about to save a contact number, selecting the ringtone and notification tone for that contact will move you to the next screen. That second screen will provide you with all the ringtones or notification tones you can select from the list.

Moreover, when you tap on the phone number category to select a personal phone number or office number, you will face a second screen for all the information. By adding different screens, you can reduce the confusion for the users as well as for yourself.

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