Cutting-edge Software Development Trends for making the difference in 2019

In software development one company might not set the trend for all of the companies, rather each organization define its own cutting-edge strategy. However, there are some trends that are common globally while others locally anticipate the needs of the population. What is happening in other industries is that the largest companies set the trend for the market and it becomes a common trend for all. Here, things are different, even if the technological trends are similar for the year, each of the software development company seeks innovation in the given trend. This is why this industry is more critical to change than others; it is always looking ahead of everything. Although, there are trends that shape ways in which a software development company develop and market their products.

There has been an enormous amount of technological advancements in the last year. These technologies are in exciting development stages and software development companies seek to make something new out of these technological advances. The New Year is expected to bring the better versions of these technologies in the form of innovative mobile apps. To get the idea of trends in software development for 2019 it is important to look back and analyze what is emerging. Here are few most prominent trends that may achieve a next level potential in the Canadian software development industry in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence AI

This technological trend is not new, however, if we watch out for the trends in the past few years it has been one of vital trends of the industry. Keeping in mind the technological development in Artificial intelligence has witnessed a measureable growth in the past years, it will still advance. Almost a layman also understands AI as the technology that thinks like a human.

Many Canadian businesses have been implementing AI to their provision by shifting towards better solutions to people’s everyday problems. The basic facility of AI in different areas of business is that it can improvise the tasks and works almost in every field today. A well-integrated form of AI to facilitate human kind is observed in the healthcare industry. It has widen the scope of medication and healthcare as well as broaden the way for further innovative solutions in the industry.

A great number of science fiction movies with well thought-out AI are now happening. In ecommerce AI is providing expeditious advertising and customer service solutions. Such as the facial recognition, intelligent databases and chatbot. The organizations seeking optimized systems for better categorization of information and developing a better marketing strategy can make the most of the AI capabilities.

AI is not only evolving on its own, but binding with Blockchain to accelerate the advances. You can expect the bots to run your peer-to-peer networks with high degree of transparency and trust developed between the machines.



This technology has simplified the manner in which banking transactions used to take place. It involves money transfer among different parties with just a single ledger. The New Year will bring a lot more improvements in the existing opportunities. A high number of developers are required to serve the Blockchain sector as all of these services require software. Due to the increasing opportunities in this area, software development companies in Canada have extended their arms in Blockchain software and services.

You must be excited to see this technology more evolved and adopted beyond Bitcoin. According to Forbes, 10 largest companies including Apple are examining the potential of Blockchain technology in retail, government, healthcare, oil and gas and other industries. This technology can save a lot of money for these companies in a long run as the middlemen entities are rendered unnecessarily. In 2019, the demand for Blockchain developers will increase foreseeing the interests of major market players in this technology.


Languages and Code Quality

Language and code is also advancing with the improvements in technology. The quality of code is crucial along with the language trends. In 2019, development approach will also be important for software developers. To achieve best outcomes structure and code quality task should be divided wisely among the teams.

The trend of low code is quite in, where non-technical individuals work on the software development. However, software companies need to have clear structure and approach to software development to code the software. Low-code is the solution in times where standard code practices, procedures, and regulations are updated frequently. The code complexities that once needed only expertise-it developers have transformed into low-code development solutions. It prevents the gruesome process of development and offers client for better customization.

To select the appropriate language is vital to prevent any repercussions to occur. If we consider the language surveys different languages are popular for different range of software programs. Javascript is mostly used by full stack developers for programming. It is mainly because of the high range of adaptivity is offers for the hybrid mobile apps. JavaScript can be used to build the 100% of the application. It can be implemented for desktop, mobile app, website, and server-side development. This language also enables the developers to share code throughout application development.

Cloud and Hybrid Architectures

To improve the scalability and performance, a combination of cloud and hybrid architecture is used for on-premises infrastructure. This is why it is very common to see organizations striving to take the leverage of these technologies. It is also observed, while some organizations are satisfied with the powerful use of the cloud and meeting their needs, others do not wish to be isolated within a single cloud. Cost changes is a major disadvantage for those who locked in a single cloud and may face the hard time in transition from one provider to another.

Proper app development takes place with appropriate tools, containers and container management. There are tools that enable infrastructure deployment in any cloud, without dependence on any other cloud, as well as easily ported to cloud providers if needed.


Security is the basic concern in all walks of life and for all types of business organizations. Data loss has been very crucial to the information technology industry, which has led to the development of several tools and techniques to address the issue. All the web and application software, specifically those involving the monetary transactions are facing critical cybersecurity issues.

It is also expected that the demand of Custom Security Tools will also rise as organizations are seeking out-of-the-box software programs. Since, most of the security issues are specific to the business industry and only customized software can solved their problems by understanding their particular needs. Most of the companies develop internal tools for customized needs. These organizations not necessarily have their in-house development team but render third-party solutions for data safety and privacy; a company or outsourcing developer.

Here at Invision Solutions Inc. we adopt the tailored approach to best serve your needs and your customers. We are looking forward to this trend in 2019.



There has been tremendous growth in the outsourcing trend globally. The outsourcing market in Canada will also take the boom in 2019. The IT businesses sometimes prefer outsourcing projects for development to save the in-house hiring costs. There is a high demand of outsourcing for full stack developers in arena of digitalization almost in all industries, from financial institutions to healthcare sector.


IoT apps have the wide-spread impact on the commercial industry with latest software development advancements. This technology has affected the consumer market by realizing the customer experience and safety of domains within the exponentially demanding market. The supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries have delivered incremental efficiency with a high degree of control and connectivity in the processes.

Virtual Reality VR and Augmented Reality AR

Both of these technologies have combined to form mixed reality. VR is somewhat saturated as one group of industry seem to define its scope within the boundaries of gaming and entertainment, while the second group of industry seeks to explore its potential in other areas. The examples of Walmart and US Army are enough to prove the claims by the second group. Walmart is going to make the most of its VR application for compliance and customer service training for their employees, while US Army is already utilizing it for the military training.

AR has witnessed drastic improvement in the last years with the mobile app integration. This is the major reasons why AR developers are more common than VR. AR also don’t require hardware like VR in general.


Micro services

These are development architectures that enables running services on a single application independently. This means to connect the native mobile client within the same server you are using for your website. In today’s world, it is predominantly the best approach to eradicate substantial complexity. It has other benefits too; in the case of any mishap the system doesn’t face cascade of breaks due to dependence on other services.

Developers can much easily edit, update, or add a feature in micro services due to isolation caused by splitting of the parts in system. For instance, in a traditionally based system it can create problems if the database sucked up much information that is irrelevant. You can re-engineer your system with get-go micro services that offer much stability. It is not a big deal if you want to scale up, on contrary it is much easier to add resources if things are in segments.

Micro services are server-less architectures that are based on the blocks of code to perform different tasks independently. It sounds simple, but it is not as simple as it seems. You will need to define everything; design, what it does, where it stores data, how it interacts with other micro services, etc. for all the individual codes. However, successfully designing your micro services means several benefits. Smaller code base means it is easier to understand, maintain, and support, as well as to enhance in future.

In 2019, definitely, you will see more companies to transit to micro services. It is estimated by International Data Corporation (IDC) for 2022 that almost 90% application will be based on micro services to accelerate the update, debug, and design.


The above trends illustrate the constant urge for research, development and innovation in the software development industry. It generates the continual urge for the organizations to update if they wish to remain in competition or they will vanish. Generally, same trends are applicable on the software industry globally, however, most prominent for Canada software developers.

What makes Invision Solutions more conservative than other counterparts is that we make sure that our software does exactly what it is supposed to do for you. Secondly, it is not just about the customization, it is also about the fast-paced industrial environment that is our potential concern. If the software works for you, but it doesn’t meet the current technological challenges, then essentially you will need a new software after sometime. As we know, you need both efficiency and competitiveness, which can be achieved only if you are well equipped with the latest software development trends.

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