Mobile application development has evolved beyond our imagination with the advancement in technology, and smartphones have now become our quintessential items. You can’t forget the fact that the production of smartphone applications has also given the rise in revenue. Mobile application development trends have begun to evolve and materialize from now on. The responsibility for this development lies for both device creators and consumers. Such trends have nevertheless changed our lives in numerous ways.

2019 was a great year in the field of technology development from AI (Artificial Intelligence) to IoT (Internet of Things), and it appears more sparkling in 2020. Invision Solutions have been researching the latest trends of mobile application development in Canada and found out a number of new upcoming technologies. So, let us discuss some latest trends in mobile application development that would rise in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

An already known phenomenon is Artificial Intelligence. It is estimated that the Artificial Intelligence industry will be at $191 billion by the year 2024. More companies are now trying to merge the device with human intelligence. The manufacturing and health sectors have, by far, made tremendous strides to improve productivity through artificial intelligence. It was possible because of the high accuracy and capability to record events in real-time.

Integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence is of great help in crucial activities such as developing mobile apps. Whether its iOS app development or Android applications, it will benefit from earlier data about the device development process, recognize problems, and configure them in real-time. You don’t need to tape your fingers with the combination of IoT and AI to get things accomplished. You can relax, and AI controls your own devices, houses, cars, etc. simultaneously.

5G wireless technology

5G wireless technology is not only one of the top tech trends in mobile application development but is also incredibly relevant in the future 2020. The 5G network would certainly be 100 times better than the 4G network. The technology experts are in operation and expect a switch from 4G networks to the 5G broadband network by the end of 2020. As the 5G networks deliver a wide variety of benefits, the application developers should adequately build the applications so that all consumers can experience higher network speeds to boost efficiency. Our professionals are seeking to switch to the 5G wireless technology for tremendous mobile application development in Canada as we want to satisfy our clients.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a superior technology beyond informatics buzzwords and cryptocurrencies. It has also found its way into the smartphone application development field. These blocks develop as new data is continuously collected. By inserting new records, the old blocks are saved, and everybody is given a snapshot of the whole database. This technology avoids the theft of data or the production of false records. When anyone makes a mistake, you can trace it. Several electronic wallets and smart transactions rely on Blockchain technology. If you are worried about paying by credit card or are hesitant to make cross-border transfers, don’t hesitate! Only use a mobile payment device with activated Blockchain.

Internet of things (IoT)

Almost ten years back, nobody could imagine that the internet would become so much necessitous in our lives. If you believe the internet is not enough to regulate everything in our lives, you should clearly opt for the Internet of Things. Suppose you’re outside, and you’ve completely forgotten to lock your house. You can lock your home from the place you are actually in, instead of moving back to your home. You need to install an IoT app on your device, and a locking mechanism powered by IoT and an active internet connection. You can also monitor everything virtually with the help of IoT in the near future. Many companies are now making a move to creating IoT software. IoT devices are predicted to be as ubiquitous as smartphones by 2020.

Instant mobile applications

Relatively smaller instant smartphone applications deliver simple features without requiring you to install them on your phone. But why download those sub-set apps? Device demos are one of the main advantages associated with instant applications. When it comes to consumers, these applications offer the preview of the latest version of an app to make it easy for you to determine what the product was like, before you choose to download. Markets will witness many instant apps by 2020. There are already several developers trying out some unique features.

Wearable devices

You’ve used smart apps on the market before. A few are trackers, smartwatches, exercise devices, and even smart bands. These wearables have altered the way we connect with smart devices. Android devices continue to support this platform because of the growing demand for wearables. However, a lot of applications do not work with smart technology. A wearable has to run on a platform. For starters, Android smartwatches need WatchOS to work with WearOS and Apple Watch. Therefore developers need to fuse their apps with wearables.

Mobile wallets

The increase in online banking and e-commerce has contributed to the phenomenal growth of electronic payment solutions for all consumers. With the introduction of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, consumers are switching gradually to m-commerce. Yet Blockchain joins electronic payments to strengthen applications with secure money exchange processes. How would a payment gateway be incorporated into an app? Plastic money has previously replaced cash, and now plastic money will be substituted too. Technology bigwigs like Samsung are focusing on an advanced method for testing and billing to make payments and money transfers more workable. It’s still partnering with Apple Pay to boost the peer-to-peer money transfer network. In addition to certain services, mobile payment solutions will be further advanced in 2020.


Chatbots have already obtained different aspects of communication in the mobile app world. Part of that is correlated with the expectation that consumers and service providers have real-time experiences. This feature prevents the need for human-to-human interactions in different fields. Due to customer engagement, recognized firms are making some profits these days. Often mobile users leave apps after a while.

For this reason, developers are expecting that Chatbots will deal with this issue. Firms can also deal with proprietary Chatbot applications to defeat each other. The usage of chatbots will grow by 2020. The stats suggest that in 2020, chatbots will be more able to suit human actions and have related services. According to Global Market Insights, by 2024, the global chatbots industry size will surpass USD 1.34 billion.

All in all

All the developments mentioned above in the production of smartphone applications are expected to expand the technology market rapidly. The competition will increase among mobile device developers by 2020. Before working on your app, you should watch out for every trend.

Mobile Application Development in Canada

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