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Android is the most widely employed mobile operating system in the world. While North Americans love their iPhones and other Apple devices, Android-enabled devices are commonly employed too. We believe that if your business requires a wider audience, you need the services of a top Android app development company in Ontario. One, who can follow the ideal guidelines to create the best Android app for your business.

Here, we first describe you some brief details of the Android mobile operating system. We follow it up with the important steps that guide you in creating the ideal Android mobile app for all your professional needs:


Android Operating System

Based on the Linux Kernel, Android is an operating system developed and supported by Google. This operating system is now used in all types of smart devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It has received significant improvements in the last decade and now is perfectly capable as a leading mobile operating system. It is a truly comprehensive platform, which is perfect for creating highly functional software applications.

Startup businesses that must target a large number of consumers have to use Android apps for its variety. We are a reputed Android app development company in Ontario that can offer answers to all the important questions that you may have in your mind. Now we provide you with the important guiding steps that will help you develop the ideal mobile app for Android mobile devices.

I. Have a Developed Idea


The first step in Android app development is to have a secure idea, which is ready for use in software development. Developing an Android mobile app is easy when you have the complete idea cleared up in your mind. This also allows you to provide the required direction to your technology partner, who will happily develop your Android app using your innovative idea.

We urge our clients to first improve their initial idea and include the relevant market details in a business solution. If you work with an experienced Android app development company in Ontario, they will only ask you to present your idea. You will then need to work with an expert on an important phase of any software development project, which we describe next.

II. Planning a Strategy


The next step is to plan your Android app development strategy. Working with an experienced Android app development company in Ontario will allow you to discuss your project details where their experts will help you frame the ideal plan. This software development plan will include all the important details like finances, timelines, and other constraints.

We believe that you can create the ideal Android app when you understand the scope of your project. Once you take good care of the planning phase, you are covered against any problem that may arise in the future. Having a well-developed project is perfect for creating the ideal Android apps that give your business a marked advantage over its competitors.

III. Application Design


The next phase of creating an ideal Android mobile app is the creation of an informed design. This design forms the basis of the user interface and creates the infrastructure for an effective software application. The right design is possible when you use the ideal Google Guidelines for creating the required user experience.

The design phase requires extreme coordination, where developers and the customers must work together to find an ideal solution. Once you finalize the design which is prepared according to the ideal Google guidelines, your innovative idea is ready for the next phase of development. Hiring a reputed Android app development company in Ontario will work towards producing your minimum viable product (MVP) version of your application at this stage.

IV. Creating an MVP


The next step is to develop your initial Android application. Access to the right set of development resources essentially enables you to produce a version that combines the traits of both alpha and beta versions. When you can produce a useful app version and make it live, it is possible to understand the market dynamics in a more transparent manner.

If you work with a top Android app development company in Ontario like ours, you can get an MVP which is completely functional. You can perform the required market research with it and improve the initial version by a considerable margin. With the initial Android app present in a working order, it is possible to refine your idea. This will allow you to implement the knowledge that you gain and improve the chances of achieving business success.

V. Feedback Analysis


The next phase in Android mobile app development is to continue to gather user feedback and analyze it using suitable techniques. Remember, obtaining the ideal feedback is an important parameter and it allows businesses to learn from the information available at hand. Android is a great platform when it comes to providing the required analytics.

Our experienced developers can implement tools that can record user information on cloud databases. You can then use processing resources to produce information from your stored data resources. By using this information, you can enhance your Android app and create a version, which is ideally suited for your special business needs.

VI. Support Mechanism


If you select a top Android app development company in Ontario, you will enjoy the ideal application that includes perfect technical support. This is an important element of our guide, as users will delete an app that they find does not solve its problems and improves consistently. An ideal app establishes an easy to handle software maintenance system and ensures that it is always possible to make the required improvements in your business software.

If you want to create the best Android app, you should hire a developer that understands app support and maintenance requirements. With the support available to your Android app, you are in a perfect place as an application owner. However, our guide is not complete because it is also important to show what you must avoid when creating a successful Android mobile app.

Mistakes to Avoid in Android App Development/span>

There are many mistakes that can derail your ideal Android app development project. Here, we focus on mistakes that can ruin your otherwise perfect applications. Hiring an experienced Android app development company in Ontario can allow you to avoid these mistakes altogether. Still, we feel that the knowledge about these errors allows you to stay vigilant and reduce your business risk during mobile app development:


1. Non-Uniform Design

A common mistake that inexperienced developers can make is coming up with a specific design which only works perfectly for a specific device. Android apps must run on a variety of devices and creating a non-uniform design can produce several bugs and problems during practical use. It happens when you give all the attention to creating mockups that only cover a particular testing device.

Hiring an experienced Android app development company in Ontario ensures that your application UI is always prepared in a uniform manner. Take the example of our designers who excel in developing the perfect Android app designs that are ideal for use on all compliant devices. Once you avoid this mistake, you are perfectly set up to succeed in your Android app venture.

2. Focused on Details

Another mistake that commonly occurs is that businesses focus on individual details. This means that they include all the business requirements on the software without thinking about its impact on the overall app performance. This can result in the preparation of an Android app that is full of bugs and creates an extremely negative perception of your business in the eyes of your early investor.

We understand your needs for creating an ideal Android mobile application. This means that our experts develop MVP app versions that offer basic functionality for live testing and performance evaluation. When you focus on your core business objective rather than fiddle with the minor details, you can get the best performance out of your Android app developer.

3. Image Intensive App

You can use as many images in your design as you want, but this will always place a burden on the available memory of your targeted user. A top Android app development company in Ontario will always advise you to use simple and crisp images that make the application screens easier to load even on slower devices. If you use a great number of detailed images, your app becomes difficult to integrate and support on all the required devices.

We suggest that you use images carefully. Ideally, follow the advice of industry experts and do not force any requests on them. This ensures that you can achieve the ideal Android app development performance, while still successfully sticking to your business objectives. With better control over your Android app graphics, it is possible to enhance your development project and produce the ideal results.

4. Lack of Communication

The most dreaded mistake that you can make in any app development project is the lack of communication. A reputed Android app development company in Ontario will always employ a suitable communication method. This will ensure that you are always aware of the project progress and can directly share your immediate feedback.

We believe that communication is important for the best app development. The right way to avoid this problem is to agree on a feedback mechanism at the start of your project. Once you stay away from the monster of not sharing information, it is possible to enhance your business prominence and create the ideal Android business application.


5. Ignoring Quality

Many small owners regret later when they choose a cheap development option that fails to deliver on its promises. We suggest that you should never ignore the quality of your professional developers. You can avoid this mistake by hiring a reputed Android app development company in Ontario that can provide you with a team of highly skilled native app developers.

By especially focusing on the quality of the hired professionals, it is possible to create an ideal app that is also cost-effective. Let our experts help you avoid this problem by offering a suitable mixture of quality and affordability. This will ensure that you can create the most suitable Android mobile app for all your business needs.

6. Lack of Support Mechanism

Many business owners are so focused on publishing their Android app that they fail to first create an effective app support mechanism. You should always ask your developer to create a maintenance schedule for your application. This will ensure that you can enjoy continuous software improvement and build a better reputation with your existing clients.

We can create the perfect support mechanism in your Android app that gives you complete control over your business tools and assets. This allows you to completely focus on your primary business functions and ensure that they are perfectly carried out. With your focus on what matters the most, you are perfectly set up to enjoy the ideal Android app development services.

7. Focus on New Downloads

We understand that all businesses must focus on bringing in a continuous stream of new customers. However, there is a stiff competition on the Android app store where you can lose out your existing customers to other businesses and app providers. We believe that rather than focusing on new downloads, it is better to retain your existing business users/customers.

When you reward your users in your Android application through functional benefits of customization and personalized messages, you enhance your customer retention rate. By eliminating the mistake of being over aggressive in targeting different personas, you give yourself the maximum chance of achieving success.


If you manage to avoid these mistakes, you are all set to enjoy a successful Android app development project. We believe that by working with an experienced Android app development company in Ontario like Invision Solutions, you can follow all the steps of this guide. Allowing us to manage your Android app will provide you with several benefits, always ensuring that you enjoy a cost-effective solution.

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