Avoid These Mistakes and You are All Set to Enjoy Optimal Performance Out of Your Android Application

Android is a leading platform in the world for smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, and IoT appliances. This makes Android apps the most prominent tools for businesses that must connect with the customers through the digital world. However, it is possible to develop an Android app that underperforms due to a variety of reasons.

Here, we will first discuss some common mistakes when using Android apps for your business needs. We will then describe the qualities of a perfect Android app and describe how you can achieve its development by suggesting some useful tips.


1. Reinventing the Wheel

The most common mistakes that many companies do is to try and reinvent the wheel. Remember, the Android platform has been around for over a decade with all kinds of tools, libraries and plugins already available for use. Reinventing refers to a company starting an Android project from scratch and aiming to produce every app component especially for the project.

You often commit this mistake when attempting to develop an Android project without the right expertise. Working with a reputed Android app development firm in Canada will allow you to avoid this mistake as their experts will make full use of the facilities that are already available in the Android development community. We suggest that you use the already available techniques like social media logins, JSON parsing, and the usual network calls.

2. Specific Development

The next common mistake is that of developing for a specific device. Android apps should be designed to be reliable to work on any platform that runs on the famous operating system. When you design for a particular device or manufacturer, you are setting up the Android app for a guaranteed failure. We suggest that you avoid this issue by always producing Android app assets for different screen sizes and processing capacities.

You should always select an Android app development firm in Canada that follows the ideal Google guidelines. This practice ensures that your Android app can run on all possible devices while offering the best user experience. By using the available software capabilities of Android, it is possible to create a dynamic app solution that works for a variety of compatible devices.

3. Cloning an iOS App

Another mistake that you must avoid is to try and completely clone an iOS app. Both the Android and the iOS platforms have their specific strengths and weaknesses. Cloning an app is always difficult and will make you face problems. What you need to do is to perform an efficient app migration where you use the already prepared app assets but create a platform-specific infrastructure for your Android app. This will ensure the success of your application on all platforms.

You will not have to clone an iOS app when you hire a reputed Android app development firm in Canada to produce an Android version. They will assign you a team of relevant experts who will create the required assets in Android-specific formats and modules and ensure success. With the right kind of Android app prepared, the chances of your business success will improve by a considerable margin.

4. Rigid App Structure

Another mistake that we want to discuss is the development of Android apps that have rigid structures. Android-based devices have varying hardware resources and therefore, it is important to design applications that can run well on all devices. We firmly believe in avoiding a rigid application that functions extremely well for a specific purpose, but fails to perform even at a minimum level for other, more generalised tasks.

Avoiding a rigid structure can be difficult for novice app developers. We suggest that you work with a reputed Android app development firm in Canada like ours to develop an app that can run solidly in a variety of situations. By including provisions that cater to emergency situations and rare scenarios, you enjoy an Android app that will always work well for your users.


5. Not Offer Immediate Feedback

You should never forget about implementing an immediate feedback mechanism in your Android. Think of a social media app where a user who clicks on a like icon does not receive immediate acknowledgment. This presents a bad reputation for the application and generally occurs when you design your app to only respond after a successful call or update operation. This can be easily avoided by creating a responsive user interface that first shows the results of every input action.

We believe that you can create a much better Android app if you give your project to a reputed Android app development firm in Canada. An experienced Android developer understands the unique requirements of a native app that must offer reliable service to users who want to see an immediate response on their mobile devices. With the right kind of internal task handling, you will certainly enjoy optimal performance out of your Android application.

6. Not Using Fragmented Design

Many Android apps find it difficult to adjust to different mobile screen sizes and specifications. This occurs because they are designed and tested to work on specific devices. This problem occurs because the entire screen is prepared as a singular solution and does not use fragmented design components. It is easy to avoid this problem by using modular design elements. This allows for easy optimization of resources for different screen sizes and other hardware parameters.

The lack of design fragments also becomes a problem, where the change of a device will cause separate processes to run to show each app screen. This puts a lot of burden of the available processing resources and returns an inefficient app design. The Android platform already offers excellent tools to create design fragments. Hiring an experienced Android app development firm in Canada will allow you to use a fragmented design that works well on all supported devices.

7. Long Main Thread Stops

Although an Android app must carry out multiple functions that require individual threads, it is not a good programming paradigm to stop the main thread for periods longer than 100 milliseconds. Remember, the overall UI response is controlled through the main application thread. Long pauses produce a jerky performance and the users can visibly notice that the app does not instantly respond to their screen inputs.

There are several ways in which it is possible to avoid this problem. By developing an app that especially takes care of this problem by building well-defined pauses for background activities, it is possible to reduce unexpected breaks that can produce negative feedback. Your worker threads should perform network calls and take care of data reading and writing tasks in a coordinated manner.

8. Poor Image Handling

Another common mistake is the poor handling of the images and other visual elements of the application. This can be fatal for an Android app as different images can occupy a large memory size. Take the example of a common 12MP image that can require as much as 48MBs for local storage. However, such an image is useless for use in your app that at most uses a display of a much lower resolution.

You should use images that match the most common screen resolution schemes, while using strong compression measures to ensure optimal storage performance. Hiring a reputed Android app development firm in Canada will allow you to avoid that mistake. Our experts understand the use of images with the right sizes and ensure that they are efficiently coordinated in the overall app design for the ideal performance.

The solution here is to use a strong scaling system and ensure that images make the best possible use of the available screen. This requires a dynamic app loading mechanism that reads the available resources and then makes use of effective user interface elements. This also ensures that your app loads faster and does not produce unexpected interruptions.

Defining a Perfect Android App

These are some key mistakes that you must avoid. However, why should you be satisfied with only avoiding these common mistakes when you can do more and create a perfect Android app? We believe that you can create a perfect Android app by hiring an experienced Android app development firm in Canada. Such a wonderful app will have the following defining characteristics:


1. Responsive UI Design

The most important quality of a successful Android app is to have a responsive UI design. This allows for maximum performance on all supported devices, where the application is capable of using the most relevant graphics assets. You must select a reputed Android app development firm in Canada to implement this quality in your project. Remember, a responsive UI is the first element that you need to successfully use an app for your business promotion and client handling.

2. Complete Touch Input Integration

Another important quality is the full use of the available touch input facilities. The iOS is already a leading platform in this regard, but Android now also offers excellent touch input integration. An excellent mobile application implements all these inputs and creates a power user interface. The enhanced user experience reduces the risk of app failure and allows businesses to have loyal users.

3. Social Media Inclusion

A fundamental application quality is the inclusion of social media logins and other related functions such as information sharing. A top Android app development firm in Canada will easily include the required social media channels with your application, allowing it to offer the functionality that all users want in the current scenario. With social media posts easily possible especially in an interactive app, you control the activities of your users and enjoy access to user generated content.

4. Platform Appropriation

Another important quality of a perfect Android app is that it is fully prepared to suit the needs and functions of the platform. It uses the facilities available in the Android operating system and does not use a function that may tax the structural capabilities of the device hardware. With the ideal use of the available software functions, such an Android app works perfectly in all relevant environments and working situations.

5. Cost-Effective Functionality

A perfect Android app always offers cost-effective functionality which is bundled with an ideal user interface. With access to an affordable solution, businesses can focus more on their core operations and spend more on their marketing and research efforts. We believe that a reputed Android app development firm in Canada will always deliver a cost-effective software solution that allows your business to aggressively compete in any industry.

Tips for Creating a Perfect Android App

The first tip is certainly to avoid the common mistakes in your Android app development projects that we have mentioned in this article. Here are a few more that will help you develop an optimally performing Android application:


I. Understand Your Audience

It is important to first figure out your target audience. Once you share this with your selected Android developer, you will end up with an app design to capture your primary audience. This is a great tip and should always be considered when developing new native applications.

II. Problem Solver

You should always produce your Android app as a specific problem solver. In fact, when you design software solutions that cater to special needs, it gives you the maximum chance of creating successful business models. When you solve problems of your users, you achieve more success and allow your customers to become loyal.

III. Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan is essential for getting optimal performance from an Android application. Good marketing activities create brand recognition for your app and allow it to make a positive perception in the eyes of your target audience. A detailed plan includes excellent methods to transfer the functions of your Android app to the users, ensuring that it provides you with the maximum business impact.


This detailed post will surely help you understand how to get the optimal performance from your Android application. Remember, avoiding the common mistakes and implementing the ideal application qualities are two winning ways to enhance the digital resources of your business. Using our shared tips is also a great recipe for ensuring Android app development success.

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