Trends that can make the difference

Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing businesses that has not spared even the remotest corners of the world. The industry is constantly under transformation due to the affinity to change. The trends featuring in the mobile app market are similar even if the person comes across the opposite corners of the world. However, some trends might be stronger in the specific market, while others may be negligible but present. Canadian mobile app developers churn to bring existing and new trends in a systematic cycle to keep the latest trends intact in 2019. The goal is to design highly competitive mobile applications to meet the needs of extremely tech-savvy generation, who enjoy the modern trends being well-adept with the changes.

Let’s have a look on the latest trends in mobile app development in Canada:



Most common concern of the smartphone users in Canada is the lack of space due to unnecessary installations. Surrounded by trillions of apps and several alternatives to a similar app is a potential disadvantage for the developers as well. Micro and instant apps serve the purpose without wasting space, which is why it is a growing trend in the future of mobile app development in Canada. Currently instant apps are offering benefits such as; dropping the traffic on constant basis, freeing space and saving time among others. In 2017, the instant Apps launched by Google helped users in accessing a number of useful apps without installation by just taping the required app.

Big Data Apps

Big data has always been a great concern for the business organizations well before the emergence of mobile apps. However, the excessive competition in the mobile app market in Canada has enhanced the need for data-driven and information rich decisions. Initially, the technology was an initiative to facilitate the crypto-currency transactions that later displayed improvements in other sectors. Such apps provide a secure platform to save data and perform monetary transactions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps

Now, there is a new trend in the application development industry in Canada that users need assisted apps in every walk of life. Such an example is the artificially intelligent application that functions according to the mood of the user.


Virtual/ Augmented Reality Apps

Pokémon Go is one of the marvels of augmented reality AR and virtual reality VR with approximately 650 million downloads. In mobile app trends AR is more significant than VR; however, both technologies are expected to gain more focus. With urge to make it big this year, businesses now seek to offer something different!

In Canada, Virtual reality is going to take the leap in 2019. Beyond games and fun these apps will stretch to the other sectors as well. In future, these apps will give unambiguous and more realistic outlook of the information to aid the businesses as well as individuals. Intertwined augmented reality apps will seep gradually in the various industries such as manufacturing, retail, health care, and many others.

Creating AR/VR app you can expect exponential business results and exceed your competitiveness. To embrace the newest options in this innovative technology is the decision of time, which may create business value in long-term. If you do not own a team of competent app developers, then hiring a reputed agency could help you achieve the desired results with the help of technology driven and user-friendly AR/VR app.

Wearable and Smart Wears

There has been an exciting new trend in wearable apps that we witnessed in 2018. These apps will have a stronger impact on the Canadians in 2019. One of the facets of wearable apps is a style statement with Apple, Google, and Samsung in the smartwatch market. Besides it also has health benefits and other necessities, which is why it is expected to impact the health domain in Canada.

Block-chain and Security

Security has always been the greatest concern in the digital world. Thereby, the trend of handling and managing the sophisticated data in smartphones have become tighter. With the progressive approach towards confidentiality of data and users, there will be increase in the apps offering feature of built-in security.

Researchers implicit the importance of the block-chain for both private and public sectors. Most of the organizations are planning to make investments in block-chain for many purposes including regulatory compliance, contract management, asset management, and financial transactions. Some banks in Canada have already adopted the commercial block-chain, while others are expected to embrace it in 2019. Thus, there will be an increased demand for security as well.

Also, 2019 will witness a lot of apps with the integrated latest technological trends in blockchain based security measures.


Cloud-based Applications

In 2019, Cloud-based Applications are expected revolutionized the market with the direct cloud interaction feature. This feature has many significant advantages over the conventional mobile apps. The feature will allow comparatively less internal memory usage and potential decline in the mobile app traffic. Both small and large groups of users will experience the benefits of the new trends due to the reduction in internal memory load, as the apps fetch data directly from the cloud.

In the past years, cloud was considered to be a luxury; however, it is not the case in 2019. It is due to the large number of benefits it offers which includes; loading capacity is improved, cost reduction in hosting, business operations are streamlined, among others.

Now, the world is waking up to the advantages of Cloud that has exceeded possibilities in development of more reliable, fast, and secure mobile applications. Besides the security related issues, Cloud offers the possibility of developing powerful applications that can directly run on the Cloud. Thus, we should welcome more problem solving and powerful apps in the coming year which require minimal smartphone space.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Another important trend that will gain attention in the coming years is Accelerated Mobile Pages in mobile app development in Canada. The feature is basically to enhance loading of the page on mobile devices, whereas for the mobile web it also enables the isolated search index. Better page loading speed results in better page ranking, ad visibility, CTR, number of visitors and a lot more. By 2019, such monitoring metrics and tools will be developed that assist in resolving the bottleneck and improve the overall performance.



Irrespective of the country or state, the mobile app trends in 2019 are uniform with only minor differences. Mobile apps market leaders in Canada seek a strong grip on the latest trends in technological innovations, which requires for them to be well-equipped with the changing buyer preferences as well as promptly figure out the dominating trends of the market.

This era is the fast-tech evolution in organizations, developers, manufacturers, and business with billions of applications developments. On an ending note, it is vital to say that the above-mentioned trends in the mobile app development are just a few top-notch trends best fit to the Canadian market to help you hit the market in 2019.

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