We develop winning mobile app solutions through a comprehensive development process

Developing a winning mobile app development requires the use of an optimized process and the ability to make changes according to the specific situational needs. At Invision Solutions, we are extremely proud of our winning mobile app development process. However, we do not keep our process a secret as we believe that it is our professional workforce that allows us to implement this winning plan.

We take an idea from our customer and then develop it through a series of carefully coordinated steps. Here, we describe our steps for your knowledge and also give you a preview of how a typical project achieves success through the hands of our top industry professionals.

  • Business Idea

The first concept that we want to describe is the business idea. We are a top mobile app development firm in Canada but we can only develop a winning solution for clients that have a clear idea. Innovative ideas offer unique solutions and this often requires the use of technology to change the current industry practices.

A true business idea is the one that stems from solving a personal problem. When you develop such a solution, it describes your personal commitment allowing investors to have more confidence in your innovation efforts. We believe that business ideas are like small infants. They need to be developed and cared for. Only then you can achieve maturity and ensure that an idea can bring the required change.

We believe in innovative ideas and therefore, we encourage entrepreneurs to approach us with them. We can then use our winning app development process to create a perfect software solution for them. Now we describe the next step that we take to start our wonderful process of carrying out the ideal mobile app development in Canada for all our clients.

1. Developing App Development Strategy

The first step of our winning process is to develop a comprehensive software development strategy. We understand that the ideal project performance is only possible when it is achieved through a carefully articulated plan. We work with our clients and turn their ideas into detailed app development plans. Every plan identifies all the required visual and structural resources and describes a complete timeline for the entire tenure of the project.

When you work with a reputed mobile app development firm in Canada like ours, you get the benefit of receiving the complete project strategy from the experts. This strategy can also be termed as a detailed project management plan for creating a winning mobile application. We encourage our customers to provide us with their strict project requirement specification that allows us to understand their needs. This ensures that we offer them the most convenient and cost-effective mobile app development solution.


2. Designing the Best User Experience

Once we have finalized a detailed strategic plan for our customers, we first work on designing the best user experience. We achieve this objective by using the details provided by our client and then use them to create a detailed visual mockup. We can either use the visual assets of the clients or prepare ones right from the scratch if required. We value the creation of a user interface which is friendly for both developers and the end users.

Creating the ideal user experience requires the creation of individual elements like icons, content boxes, and other infrastructural elements. We have a team of designers that excels in creating the ideal UI/UX for all platforms. Whether a client requires an iOS app or is looking for one that can work on multiple platforms, we follow the ideal industry guidelines for designing mobile application solutions.

We also ensure that the visual elements that we have created go well with the overall customer aspirations. We ensure this by sharing the initial design with our client and asking them to provide us with their detailed feedback. We work with them to understand the changes that they want, while also explaining the reason for using certain elements. This entire process occurs in a seamless manner, and ensures that we have a stable and visually appealing UI/UX design by the end of this mobile app development step.

3. Choosing Development Platform

The next step is to choose the ideal development platform. Ideally, this is decided during the early phase of the project, but here we are mentioning it after the design phase as platform assets are prepared after it. We believe in suggesting the best technology stacks and development paradigms to our clients. This helps us ensure the delivery of a perfect mobile application that caters to all the needs of the client.

When suggesting, we take the capabilities of each platform into consideration. Native platforms such as Xcode and Android Studio are perfect for standalone applications, while React Native and Xamarin are excellent for creating cross-platform apps that must cover multiple scenarios and devices. Although we can provide suitable suggestions and scenarios, we respect the choice of our customer as they have the right to make the selection as the primary stakeholders.

We then make sure that we update the initial plan to include updated timelines and other activities according to the chosen platform. It is also common to target multiple platforms, which we can easily manage with our diversified team of experienced app developers. Once the platforms are all settled, it is time to create the code that provides the logical infrastructure of a working mobile app.

4. Software Coding

This is an important step as creating the bug-free and functional code is elementary for developing a mobile application. Hiring an experienced mobile app development firm in Canada ensures that you enjoy the ideal program coding. Whether coding in Java, Python, JavaScript, or HTML5, our experienced developers follow your directions to create the exact functionality that you require. This sets up the stage for receiving an outstanding software application that performs at an optimal level.

We use Agile project management to deliver the best app development projects to our clients. Each module, class, and supporting code element is prepared with extra care. We ensure that all elements integrate with one another and are capable of achieving the business fit that you desire. Our coding process aims to quickly produce the initial mobile app version so that it can go into comprehensive testing.

5. Comprehensive App Testing

Now that we have the initial app version with its code and UI, it is time for our quality assurance teams to check every component of the software solution. Choosing a top mobile app development firm in Canada allows you to stay away from application bugs that severely hinder your business operations. Our QA professionals check every screen and make sure that the application caters to every possible working scenario.

We also use testing automation to quickly complete the entire process. Our testing process is directly connected with our mobile app development team. Our QA process finds bugs and then they are removed by the assigned professional asset. We continue to check every app screen and ensure that it works perfectly for all supported platforms and devices.

Our testing process ensures that the final code and visual elements fit perfectly well on the targeted mobile screens. In fact, we also ensure that we check the application for all the requirements that you have mentioned in a specification document. The testing process is only completed when all the identified bugs are removed and the entire code and UI are once again checked for working consistency.


6. Live App Implementation

The next stage is to make the application go live. We often post apps on the famous app stores on behalf of our customers. We can also deliver the final app version directly to the client if they wish to implement the app on their website or through their own app store accounts. We give importance to the needs of our clients and our live app implementation process takes care of these needs.

We understand that it is possible to face problems after an app goes live. The initial week or two are extremely significant as any remaining issues can surface in this period. Problems often appear in this time and our experienced professionals are more than capable of resolving an issue that may have occurred due to misuse of the app from a user.

7. Continuous App Improvement

We have developed a winning mobile app development process because we believe in continuous app development. We assure our clients that they can always approach us to make the necessary adjustments in their mobile apps to make them even more productive. This is possible by recording the data of the application users and finding out the problems that they are experiencing when using the application facilities.

We provide the required app maintenance and support services. This ensures that we can help you realize any problem areas and produce any desired improvements. It keeps our developed apps fully functional and allows us to make the ideal app adjustments. We offer winning app maintenance services and ensures the delivery of the key enhancements that allows your app to become an industry leader.

Improving an application allows our clients to remain highly competitive. It ensures that they can make the next big leap and become a top name in their respective industry. With access to our excellent application maintenance, our customers are happy to seek our services for future projects as well. Now, we describe a few benefits that you can enjoy with us before concluding this post.

  • Benefits of Hiring Invision Solutions

There are several benefits of hiring a skilled mobile app development firm in Canada like us. We describe some important benefits that have helped us create an amazing portfolio of clients and cemented our position as a renowned software development firm.

1. Experienced Professionals

Hiring us allows you access to experienced professionals who have worked on scores of successful application projects. Our developers can deal with native platforms as well as prepare the most functional cross-platform apps for every possible need. We ensure that we eliminate your app development risk and deliver the best performance which is possible from your selected technology platform.


2. Proven Methodologies

Our application development process employs proven methodologies. This allows us to include our customers in the project stages and enhances the integration of the different tasks that are required for completing a mobile application successfully. We use Agile development and implement the ideal project management principles. This ensures that we can always deliver on our promises and achieve the highest performance levels for our clients.

3. Transparent Communication

Another benefit of working with us is that of transparent communication. We work with you on every step of the way and keep you well informed about the current status of your mobile app development project. Our careful software development processes are designed with two-way communication at their core, and this ensures that you can always provide us with guiding inputs.

4. Dedicated Team

We have a vast pool of app development resources and we always assign a dedicated team for every mobile application project. This is an advantage that you can only gain from a well-established mobile app development firm in Canada, as it requires multiple resources who are experienced in handling all types of software projects. Enjoy access to a dedicated team where every resource is an industry veteran, ensuring the delivery of winning mobile apps.

5. App Porting Assurance

You may have not thought about covering all mobile platforms with your app, but it may dawn upon you at a later stage. Working with us allows you to easily port your app from one platform to another. This is a great benefit as it allows you to quickly establish your presence on a new platform, ensuring that you can capture new users. This can quickly enhance your business, ensuring that your mobile app resources are utilized to their optimal potential.


These are some of the top advantages of working with Invision Solutions. We can offer you even more benefits in your app development projects. We remain completely dedicated to your cause and are only satisfied when we produce a winning mobile application. Our project managers work out the individual details of every mobile app and then assign tasks to top team members to achieve the best performance in the given timeframe.

Invision Solutions can convert any innovative idea into a winning mobile application as long as you have the determination to work with our experts. We are one of the top mobile app development firms in Canada, and our primary aim is to help entrepreneurs succeed by offering them affordable software development services.
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