Mobile apps for startups are perfect to work as primary sales funnels

Startups are based on an innovative idea that needs as much support as it can get to achieve maturity. We believe that you can develop startup apps that work perfectly well as sales funnels. This is possible because mobile applications allow you to connect to a wider audience and introduce them to your innovative business solution.

Here, we aim to discuss how you can increase your business sales by implementing a sales funnel app in your startup venture. We first describe what defines a sales funnel, then discuss the features of mobile apps that are perfect for providing a relevant business solution.

What is a Sales Funnel?

The complete lifecycle of a successful sales conversion from the startup to finish can be termed as a sales funnel. It describes the perfect journey of your prospective customers as they turn into your reliable customers. It is based on the idea of careful reduction of the number of prospects until the eventual results in the form of sales leads.

Here are the important phases of a sales funnel, with each successive stage having a reduced number of business prospects:

1. Awareness

The first phase is that of spreading awareness. You must provide information about your business proposition and the benefit which is possible with your innovative idea. We believe that you can provide the ideal product awareness by using a startup app. An app when produced with the help of an experienced mobile app development firm in Canada allows you to share informative articles to users through push notifications. This is can prepare them to move to the next part of the sales funnel.


2. Interest

The next stage of the sales funnel is the interest. It is a narrower stage, which consists of prospects that appear to take an interest in what your business has on offer. Creating a sales funnel startup app can facilitate you to enhance the percentage of prospects that enter this phase. By offering useful information and presenting the capacity to solve a specific industry problem, your startup app can gain the attention of your users in a successful manner.

We believe that this is a key stage of your sales funnel. If you can help your users during this phase with relevant information, it is possible to attract them into taking a serious look into the business solutions that your venture is offering. By working with a reputed app development firm in Canada, your chances of increasing the interest level of users is maximized. This is possible by sharing relevant content and asking users to provide their feedback and suggestions.

3. Decision


Now that you have increased the interest level of your prospects, it is time to help them make a buying decision. This is possible by providing a strong support mechanism through a mobile app. This can occur by offering discounts and special sales offers to clients who are at an advanced stage of the sales funnel. When you send multiple options to your prospects, they are sure to find one that best suits their individual and organizational needs.

Remember, enhancing the decision phase is important for the success of your sales funnel. You should make it easier for users to compare your different products and services to pick out a deserving winner. Your content should deliver information in an easy to digest manner, which allows a positive outlook about your startup venture. Hiring a reputed mobile app development firm in Canada ensures that you create a startup app that provides perfect functionality as a sales funnel.

4. Action

The final part of your sales funnel is the action. This is the point when your customer selects a specific product/service and decides to go ahead with the purchase. Your startup app should allow customers to easily order your products by implementing a convenient payment handling system. We believe that if you allow our experienced developers to prepare a startup app, it will be easier for your users to take the final action and become paying customers.

Suitable Mobile App Features

There are several mobile app features that make them excellent tools to work as sales funnels. Here, we describe some of the important ones that should encourage you to develop a suitable mobile app to empower your startup venture.


1. Continuous Improvement


Any app can become a sales funnel app when it uses the principle of offering continuous improvement. We believe that it is a great feature for creating a startup app, since users love to use products that improve continuously. You can develop a sales funnel app with the help of software experts that understand the concept of creating a business solution.
Improvement is possible because it is easy to obtain feedback from mobile app systems. Access to data analytics and performance use gives you excellent information that you can use to adjust your current sales funnel elements. With the ideal information available in a digital form, your startup venture can make better decisions and optimize the efficiency of the applied sales funnels.

2. Personalization

A startup app certainly has the capacity to offer a personalized experience, not possible by using other advertising means. Mobile apps work by providing utility to users, which is greatly enhanced with the use of personalization options. By working with a top mobile app development firm in Canada, it is possible to develop a software solution that meets the needs of the individual users.

Personalization empowers sales funnel apps by providing control over which elements of the software tool are available to a specific user. We can create mobile apps that can connect to a user database and provide your startup with the ability to personalize every screen for the users. This can significantly enhance their experience and help them move continuously down the sales funnel.

3. Push Notifications

Another great feature of mobile apps is that of push notifications. Although we believe that this feature should be used judiciously, the right use can work as a winning software tool feature. If you work with a reputed mobile app development firm in Canada like ours, we can help you create an app that efficiently uses push notifications.

This feature is even more powerful than using email marketing, because of its ability to produce an immediate impact. By sending carefully crafted push notifications, you can control the journey of your sales funnel prospects and help them continue to move towards the exit. Remember, all push notifications should be personalized and always convey an important message. This will ensure that you use this feature to gain the maximum benefit.


4. Secure Checkout


A key benefit of using mobile apps in your startup is that they can offer a secure checkout mechanism. This facility allows you to create apps that successfully work as sales funnels as users can easily take the final action that turns them into paying customers. Mobile apps can easily implement payment modules that allow people to use several digital methods to pay for the available products and services.

By ensuring that only secure means are available for purchasing, the confidence of your app users achieves the required level of maturity, removing the hurdles in making a buying decision. You can provide your sales funnel prospects information about the secure checkout at an advanced stage. This will encourage them to take the required buying action to complete the sales cycle.

5. Content Hosting

Mobile apps offer an excellent showcase to host your promotional content. We believe that by housing the right content, you can attract prospects that are at different stages of your sales funnel. This is an excellent feature of startup apps, as you can use a singular tool to target a variety of business prospects. When personalization and relevant content are combined together, you can enjoy a startup app that has the power to attract all types of prospects.

You can also host different types of content, ranging from informative articles, FAQs, and specific solution presenters. This allows you to keep everyone engaged in your sales funnel and help them continue to move ahead towards taking a mindful action to become your customers. We can help you develop a sales funnel app that can efficiently use different forms of content to attract your audience and help them become your loyal customers.

6. Cross-Platform Availability


Another excellent feature of modern mobile apps is that they are available across numerous platforms. By using development platforms like React Native and Xamarin, it is possible to create cross-platform mobile apps. These app versions ensure that you can reach a wider audience and never let a prospect go due to the unavailability of your business presence.

Cross-platform apps are excellent when you are clear about your business objectives. They are quickly becoming more powerful and can provide all the functionality that was earlier only possible with native apps. By covering multiple platforms with a single marketing voice, cross-platform mobile apps offer great versatility to most
startup businesses.

7. Business Integration

If you hire an experienced mobile app development firm in Canada to produce a startup app, you can enjoy the ideal business integration. Our experienced developers understand the need to offer holistic solutions that cover all facets of your business. Our integrated mobile apps are excellent for use as sales funnels which can allow you to connect with prospects that are at different stages of the buying cycle.

We believe that integrating the different business activities of your startup is beneficial for various reasons. It reduces your operational costs and ensures that you can directly interact with your customers to achieve the desired business objectives. The right approach remains the selection of the best business promotion tools and then tie them together using an effective sales funnel app for startups.

8. Enhanced User Experience

Mobile apps offer an enhanced user experience when compared to other marketing solutions. They use visual screens that are pleasing to the eye and allow all types of prospects to interact with your startup business. This is significant especially for a small business unit which is looking to gain traction, while only spending the least resources on producing enhanced market exposure.

If you use a mobile app that offers an excellent user interface, you avoid the problem of app deletion. Users who find apps that are easier to use stay with them. This means that you can stay connected to your users allowing them to gradually move downward in your sales funnel, finally achieving the action phase.

9. Direct Product Access

Another feature of startup apps is that they provide direct access to your offered products and services. This is necessary for a new business as it can be difficult to find new prospects that take a keen interest in your idea. By developing a convenient software solution with the help of an experienced mobile app development firm in Canada, you can bring your innovative idea directly to the doorstep of your prospect. This is a perfect feature for creating a winning sales funnel for a startup venture.

10. Customer Service

A key feature of all mobile apps is that they can always work as a customer service platform. You should develop a startup app that works as a sales funnel while still ensuring that it provides an avenue for resolving customer problems. When your application offers a holistic solution, your existing customers turn into loyal brand ambassadors and attract others to also use your sales funnel mobile application.



These are the top mobile app features that make them excellent sales funnel tools for your entrepreneurial efforts. We believe that you can develop the ideal startup solutions working with a capable mobile app development firm in Canada that understands your business requirements. We can develop a mobile app that provides these benefits, while targeting all the important phases of your proposed sales funnel.

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