When it comes to business software solution, the most common question pops-up in mind is what would be better—custom or off the shelf? And the answer is what your business requirements are. Everything have its pros and cons but it’s up to you to decide what is perfect for you.



Basically, off the shelf software are ready made solution built based on the overall requirements of businesses. It is not necessary that all features in off the shelf software is made for your specific business. Most often, you also get the features which are not relevant to you but maybe for other businesses.


Off the shelf software cost a bit less than custom software but most likely are not customizable. As your business grow you’ll definitely need the additional features in the software which are either not possible or if it is possible it will cost you more than custom software. Therefore, most often, hidden cost of off the shelf software will make you lose money which you saved initially.


It is also risky in some cases to use off the shelf software for your business because it is publicly accessible. Your data is not secured in a ready-made software. It is easier for hackers to hack a publicly accessible software. And if your software gets hacked you can possibly lose all your business confidential data which will in turn cost you more than a custom software development.


When it comes to custom software, you’ll get what exactly you want matching your particular business requirement. Custom software is tailor-made software which is designed specifically for your business. You don’t have to worry about modification because as you expand your business you can also add features to your custom solution. Custom software is mostly the right choice for your business.


Custom software is made according to your business needs, desired functionality, and business processes. It automates your business operations and all your departments get relaxed as they can only see data about their respective department which makes your business efficient.


In terms of hacking, it is relatively difficult to hack a custom-made software. It protects your data and make it secure because it is not publicly accessible. It’s not  to say that custom software don’t get hacked but it are very difficult to intrude. If anyone tries to hack a custom software you will get updated early and then you can to contact your software vendor to resolve the issue.


Before you take final decision, think wisely. Gather all your business requirements and conduct a thorough research to figure out which software suits your business more and choose the right software vendor. As the saying goes that short-term pain will often lead to long-term gain.