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Building hybrid mobile apps is easy with the use of Ionic platform. Our experienced team of developers are fully aware of Ionic app development and often use it to create winning hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps are a great way to control costs and cover all mobile platform avenues. Here is some key information on Ionic mobile app development:

Why Choose Us?

Invision Solutions offers excellent benefits that encourage our clients to place hybrid app development projects with us. We provide timely delivery and create hybrid apps that follow the best development practices as suggested by Google and Apple. With our experienced team at work, your hybrid app projects are always in the hands of winning professionals.

Why Choose ionic apps?

Ionic is an open-source framework to develop hybrid mobile apps. The underlying technology of Ionic is AngularJS and Apache Cordova. Ionic provides an efficient environment to develop mobile apps with commonplace web development tools like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. The focus remains on creating common components that create a visually pleasing and functionally satisfying hybrid app.

key advantages of

ionic framework


Ionic Framework is open-source and access to its modules and elements is freely available.


Ionic apps are cost-effective, as they employ a single codebase to target multiple platforms, especially including Android, iOS, and Windows. The use of resources is optimized resulting in functional apps with crisp UI features.


Ionic apps are developed with AngularJS framework that provides additional features. This reduces the app development lifecycle and provides implementation benefits.


The use of various CSS and JavaScript components in the Ionic framework is ideal for creating simplistic yet consistent UI designs that many clients require.

Articulating Requirements
into a Stellar

ionic app

Invision Solutions focuses on understanding the Ionic app development requirements of our clients and then preparing a stellar Ionic app based on these needs. Our business analysts will ask our clients all the relevant questions that result in understanding the functions that a hybrid app needs to service for success.

Covering all major mobile platforms, our experts use the excellent components of the Ionic framework to save time, be cost-effective and produce the desired quality of service. Our skilled developers combine their excellent programming skills with the available tools in Ionic to produce feature-rich hybrid apps that make full use of the available themes and plugins in the framework.

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Industries made better with our mobile application development services

e-market places

retail & e-commerce

event management

hospitality management

learning & education

user management

healthcare management

finance management

social management

exchange & brokerage

transport & logistics

media & entertainment

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Development Services

Ionic Expertise
We have a highly skilled team of Ionic app developers. Our expertise ensures us that we can create amazing hybrid applications using this framework. Allow our developers to work with your unique idea and aim for success.
Ionic Experience
Our developers produce Ionic apps all the time. Their experience in using various CSS, JavaScript, and HTML-5 components is the key in identifying all development options and selecting the best one from the Ionic framework.
Sass Expertise
Our experts use the latest SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) components to enhance the currently employed CSS stylesheets and improve the app development using Ionic framework.
AngularJS Magic
AngularJS can perform magic and create highly interactive mobile apps. Our experts use this to create robust solutions that provide the ideal solution in the form of an Ionic app.
Components Customization
Our expert developers are capable of creating a fully customized Ionic app solution. Each component can be fully compromised, like stylesheets, modals, popups, and directives which result in the creation of a strong hybrid app.
True Cross-Platform Framework
The true cross-platform development is possible with Ionic. Our team understands this capacity and can create any combination of app versions to be employed on several native platforms. Ionic framework offers the true capability to develop a mobile app for any platform.
The Process We Follow
Premium Mobile App design...
When it comes to developing Ionic hybrid apps, Invision Solutions is one of the top design and development companies in Canada. With an experienced team of professionals, we are capable of delivering state-of-the-art Ionic apps.
Our agency work with you to understand your application idea and its objectives. We then refine the idea and prepare a detailed specification document.
This is our design step where we design the concept, using graphics, icons and everything in between. We define an identity and design application assets.
Here, we start the actual development by making the application functional. We code the application and its respective server-side components.
Our quality assurance team takes your application and tests it thoroughly from screen to screen, recording everything and ensuring that it works perfectly.
Our company either submit your app to the respective app store(s) or make your web app live to start delivering its promises.
Our company fixes any issues coming out of our testing and give the application a final touch.

Cup of Coffee together

We are a top mobile app development company in Canada and our experienced professionals have helped many businesses with their software needs. We believe that we can offer you added value which is difficult to find at another mobile app development avenue. Let us have a cup of coffee together to understand how you can enjoy an affordable, unique, and highly customised mobile app development project in Canada with Invision Solutions!


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Your Business
If you are looking for an Ionic App that is built for your business and satisfies your customers’ needs, then look no further! Invision Solutions delivers Ionic apps that offer true value to your business model.
Our extraordinary prototyping ability and effective agile methodology are two important factors that allow us to optimize processes and quickly produce promising results.
Mobile Testing
At Invision Solutions, we take advantage of app testing automation that cuts down development time and offers a cost-effective app testing solution.
We deliver stellar Ionic apps that are a true representation of your unique brand identity. These apps are highly usable while offering an unmatched experience. We draw our inspiration from the design standards outlined by Google and Apple.
Our development processes follow transparent processes. We communicate with you regularly using calls, emails and project management tools, to ensure that you are aware of each step in Ionic app development.
We use data exchange techniques to ensure that Ionic apps that we create are fully integrated with legacy and existing platforms. We also ensure that your app can work with any third-party systems and is fully available for use in any capacity.

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