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Invision Solutions proudly presents its awesome cross-platform mobile app development service. With an experience of over a decade, we understand the needs of our customers like none other. Clients are increasingly looking for app solutions that they can use on a variety of platforms, all becoming possible while controlling the unusually high maintenance costs that are associated with individually running independent apps.


Why Choose Us?

It is important to weigh the benefits and limitations of working with cross-platform mobile apps. Our expert business analysts look at each case, and provide a detailed summary of how to go about the ideal creation of cross-platform apps that are swift, cost-effective, and quickly achieve live functioning. Working with our experts ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of cross-platform apps, while avoiding key problems such as version and application upgrades.

Why Choose Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform app development is possible with the use of modern development tools that provide a common programming platform much like the Microsoft .Net services. This type of development is swift and allows businesses to quickly create their market presence on all important mobile platforms. However, the selection of the right cross-platform development method is important, as there are some constraints in using this method.

Our Area of

Invision offers cross-platform mobile apps development using the industry leading frameworks – React Native, Ionic, and Xamarin. Our experts also offer expertise in using Appcelerator and Corona as cross-platform development platforms.


Invision Solutions offers comprehensive custom mobile app developments that use the React Native platform. We have successfully produced several successful cross-platform apps on React Native during the past four years. It is a versatile platform that we suggest to most of our clients, which offers simplified mobile app development and a speedy process that saves app development costs.


Our skilled developers can also employ the Ionic platform to develop the ideal cross-platform apps. Ionic offers the key benefits of mobile SDK, strong UI library, design themes, and plugins that help in developing interactive and feature-rich cross-platform mobile apps that you need.


For creating end to end hybrid mobile apps, Invision Solutions works with Xamarin. Our expert developers can create a unified solution that works with Android, iOS, Windows. Strong C# app development is what you get when you order a cross-platform app development project on Xamarin.

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e-market places

retail & e-commerce

event management

hospitality management

learning & education

user management

healthcare management

finance management

social management

exchange & brokerage

transport & logistics

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Development Services

Custom Cross-Platform App Development
Custom cross-platform app developments constitute our primary service. We understand the unique business context from each client and suggest a custom solution to solve the problem. A custom cross-platform app is certainly an ideal way to resolve your app needs and deliver an answer to your challenge(s) perfectly.
Cross-Platform App Maintenance
Cross-platform apps need strong maintenance, because they are functionally available on a variety of platforms. We offer long-term app maintenance and support services on all cross-platform functioning apps.
Cross-Platform App Upgradation
Managing cross-platform app upgrades can be difficult. Contact Invision Solutions and let us manage the required app updates and version upgrades. Our upgrading service allows our clients to focus on their core business, rather than manage tedious tasks.
Cross-Platform App Migration Services
Cross-platform apps often need to be ported between different platforms. We offer seamless cross-platform app migration services to ensure that we can meet your demands.
Cross-Platform App Testing Services
App testing is important if you want presence on multiple platforms. Our experts perform all types of tests on cross-platforms to ensure that they do not face any downtime when they are in a live service. Our testing ensures that your apps are perfectly in order and have gone through a detailed QA process performed by our skilled experts.
Cross-Platform Enterprise App Development
At Invision Solutions, we offer cross-platform enterprise app develop of the highest standard. Following the ideal recommendations of top mobile platforms, our enterprise apps are secure and fully scalable. This ensures that businesses can improve their operations and manage growth.

The Process We Follow
Premium Mobile App design...

Invision Solutions is a leading cross-platform mobile app development company based in Canada. Our business analysts, architects, developers, and designers are proficient and can use various tools to deliver elegant cross-platform mobile apps that help you reach your business goals in a flexible manner.

Our agency work with you to understand your application idea and its objectives. We then refine the idea and prepare a detailed specification document.
This is our design step where we design the concept, using graphics, icons and everything in between. We define an identity and design application assets.
Here, we start the actual development by making the application functional. We code the application and its respective server-side components.
Our quality assurance team takes your application and tests it thoroughly from screen to screen, recording everything and ensuring that it works perfectly.
Our company either submit your app to the respective app store(s) or make your web app live to start delivering its promises.
Our company fixes any issues coming out of our testing and give the application a final touch.

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We are a top mobile app development company in Canada and our experienced professionals have helped many businesses with their software needs. We believe that we can offer you added value which is difficult to find at another mobile app development avenue. Let us have a cup of coffee together to understand how you can enjoy an affordable, unique, and highly customised mobile app development project in Canada with Invision Solutions!


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All businesses can enjoy value addition in form or another. Our cross-platform app development services are great for ensuring that you can provide your customers and employees a better way to perform business communication. Our business analysts understand your unique business context, allowing you to enhance your business with our app.
Our unmatched expertise in rapid prototyping and agile development ensures a quick turn-around time for your cross-platform projects. We swiftly develop an idea into an app, which is available on multiple platforms.
Mobile Testing
We provide a comprehensive mobile testing automation process, which ensures that our clients can quickly receive the final copy of their cross-platform application and reduce the time that they need to start marketing their business products.
We keep the Google and Apple app design standards sacred, when developing your cross-platform app projects. We ensure that the visual design always reflects your brand identity accurately.
We use transparent development processes that form an integral part of the overall cross-platform app development. We employ a variety of tools to keep you posted on the project status and update you on new developments
Cross-platform integration is the key to app success. Our experts ensure that your app versions are fully integrated with modern operating system versions as well as are fully supported on all legacy systems.

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