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MTFX is a top-tier foreign exchange and a global payments solutions company with diverse client base ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations.  Their corporate vision is to assist personal and corporate clients in online payments with the best solutions and services.

The company aimed to bring services and solutions to a newer audience, the international students and their financial benefactors. MTFX required a mobile application that could make international tuition payments more accessible, convenient, and much more secure.

The task required a team of well-versed technologist, seasoned with financial knowledge to create a digital platform that would help financial benefactors of diverse student back-grounds to perform transaction with their educational institutions comfortably.


Invision Solutions created a mobile based application to ease up the international tuition payment for students that delivered the promise of MTFX on a digital platform. It enabled them to serve their customers with the best services and solutions possible.

Our expert developer team streamlined project delivery by breaking it down into 4 key areas.

  • Developed an easy-to-use interface.

More like most of the top-rated applications, our application was designed with UI/UX that brought users perfect ease in the navigation throughout the application.

  • Integrated a multi-lingual feature.

The targeted audience, foreign students and their parents, are from diverse communal and lingual backgrounds. The application had to support variety of languages for their convenience.

  • Implemented multi-portal platform for the application.

The teams envisioned a multi-panel approach to the application like MTFX portal, the university portal, and the student portal. This approach removed traffic cluster from the application and helped users with a platform that delivered value to them.

  • Secured the entire financial processes by eliminating human error and negligence.

One of the core value at Invision Solutions is to bring value by safety and security to our customers and (in-turn) their customers. The mobile application had to be incorporated with security systems such as confirmation mails and sensors to ensure maximum safety to the clients throughout the transactional processes.


Since its inception, PayMyTuition has received positive feedback from its users. Especially from those users who benefitted the most due to its multi-lingual nature and the integration with various payment gateways.

The multi portal approach to application helped users of specific nature such as an international student, university finance committee or the MTFX administration to perform validation and portfolio checks on other parties.

The responsiveness and easy to navigate front-end feature of platform simplified highly taxing tasks like international tuition payment. The use of state-of-the-art security systems made the app trustworthy amongst its users as it guide them at every step of the process through an email and text message. It all helped serve overall purpose well.

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