Case Study

Trade Bitcoin quick and easy across Canada


Case Study


Trade Bitcoin quick and easy across Canada


The idea was to set-up a cryptocurrency virtual ATM wallet across Canada with an app that could process the online purchasing cycle and setup an admin panel for the users through OTC desk. It would create an easier route for buying and selling of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.



The team came up with an excellent and secure online purchasing cycle to manage admin panel and OTC desk, making sure the users got their transactions safely into their wallet through HoneyBadger.

Online Purchasing Cycle

With there being two-way trade of buy-sell, we incorporated a proper online purchasing cycle of cryptocyurrency in our Badgercoin Model which allows OTC desk transfers as well as making the transaction a quick credit/debit directly in the wallet.

Transaction Securing Channel

Making sure the purchasing process is dealt with smoothly, a secure payment procession was added to the development phase where the transacted amount would safely wire to the wallet or be dispatched from there

Admin Panel

Keeping users in the loop and showing the current status, admin panel has been developed to keep track of the latest updates on the account and wallet. It gives a bird eye view of the current standings, past transactions and everything else.


HoneyBadger has been a huge success since its launch with the app and website now proceeding to become a physical ATM kiosk that can be found all across Canada in 9 different provinces as 190+ crypto ATM machines.


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