Case Study

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The company Vease envisioned to unite the neighborly communities with an Uber concept app. Vease required a digital application platform that would provide neighbors a unique way to post for a job within their communities and find relevant job seekers within their communities.

The challenge also required a monetization process for the Vease company to make a successful business on an Uber concept application.



To successfully address the communal issue, we developed a 4-step interactive suite that caters both the service providers and seekers alike. People who want their job done efficiently in a timely manner without it being a burden on their pockets can find just the right person to do it. On the contrary, qualified individuals and small-scale businesses can increase their reach and earn more by finding relevant jobs near them with just a few clicks.
To successfully deliver a complicated project with a scalable concept, in just weeks, our developers sought to refine the development process into epics and user stories:

Uber Concept


The concept was to allow users to create and customize their profiles based on their preferences. The Vease seeker gets the opportunity to search for a job of his preference matching his/her skill-set in his own community.


The Vease job poster works in the similar manner as the Vease Seeker. The poster would be able to post for a job or a service that he needs get done in his/her community. The Vease poster would be able to set a price of his choice. And choose a Vease seeker they feel more comfortable to work with.

Monetization of the application


The admin panel idea was to provide the company with two features. A validation feature and the feature to manage the overall process of payments for any Vease conducted. The process provides the company with an ability to set a specific percentage of service charges on any Vease posted.


Vease gives its customers a unique feature

to earn money irrespective of any skill they are passionate about. The application has an innovative feature that connects users with any skill-set that people have in their own communities. Vease has proven to be helpful to the individuals who wants to make extra money. And with its Post Job feature, it also caters to the small businesses with a platform to expand their clientele. The Vease project is not only helping the social communities to grow but it also helps the Vease administration to statistically analyze data and make more informed decision about their existing and targeted user base.


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