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Taste the world


Tasteport is a result of the dedicated efforts of some innovators to provide people access to authentic food resources. There was a need to create an answer for the common problems that people face in shopping. The key challenge was to allow people to identify the ideal local food resources and use them to improve their grocery buying practices.

Waiting to find the right groceries can often mean lost time that can be spent in a more progressive manner. Another challenge that people face is to use coupons for discounts. Ordinary coupons are difficult to arrange and manage during your grocery shopping visits. Lastly, finding all the available options and selecting the right one can be a daunting task without some help.

The challenge in the grocery industry is to create a holistic solution that helps people in identifying the best local resources. There were different solutions but the lack of an integrated solution meant that there was space in the market that can be fulfilled with the right supporting application.



Understanding the needs of the common customers, we created Tasteport to offer a complete grocery solution. Our focus was on creating an application that will eliminate the need to wait for the right grocery products and look for them in different physical locations. Our app allows users to quickly find all the available options on this platform and decide which ones they must buy to fulfill their grocery needs.

Tasteport brings the grocery store to your mobile. It allows users to create the grocery lists that they can use regularly to ensure that they can always resupply yourself. Users can create multiple lists that they can use independently to carry out shopping for a variety of regular and seasonal needs. Tasteport also incorporates automatic coupon handling that ensures that you can use all the available discounts in a convenient manner.

Tasteport is developed as a suitable solution according to the needs of the target users. It offers comparisons and the use of search terms that make the life of a grocery buyer a lot easier. It delivers a cultural experience that allows users to connect with their favourite stores and significantly improve their buying practices.


Tasteport has the capability to change the way that people buy groceries. It has directly affected the buying process through its detailed steps. It employs a three-step solution to enhance the buying experience.


The first step is to offer grocery exploration to all application users. They can look at the various available options and create a mindset about which grocery items they require for their homes.


The second step is to look at different shops for the required groceries. Each shop offers their unique products and amenities to win users as their customers. Selecting a shop for the grocery completes this step and only leaves the last one to carry out.


The last step is to order the required inventory of the app users. This is a one-click process that uses the already available details to complete the purchase of Tasteport users in an enhanced manner.


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