Case Study

Sell or buy Ice slots with total ease


The Score Ice envisioned to unite the ice fields buyers and seller in North America with an app. Score Ice needed an online application platform that would provide Ice owners and buyers a unique way to post for vacant Ice slots and find appropriate Ice fields which suit buyers.

The challenge required to automate all the intricacies of selling and buying ice slots and manage associated financial transactions.


Critical thinking exercise for a hybrid mobile app creation


To successfully address the difficulties involved in developing an appropriate app, the functionality was broken down into two major components—that is selling and buying Ice. The Ice sellers can post their Ice with few simple clicks along with vacant slots. The Ice buyers can easily search the needed Ice time in the app neatly categorized in convenient categories. The search is pretty versatile and allow buyers to locate ice based on date, time, location and price. Once the search for desired Ice is final then buyer can book the Ice with few simple clicks.

Monetization Of The Application


Once the seller post the Ice at Score Ice and buyer is interested and accepts the sellers offer. The email notifications are sent to both the seller and buyer with all ice sale details. Score Ice holds the funds from the buyer until 48 hrs. after the ice is confirmed used. The seller is then paid out. A small convenience fee is retained by Score Ice.


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