Case Study

Group Mortgage Alliance


Mortgage Alliance has an extensive research and engagement in the field of finance, especially in the mortgage sector. Mortgage Alliance enjoys a clientele that nearly spans across all of Canada. The company thrives on providing the best available mortgage plans to all of its customers.

The company sought to deliver their client base with an application that would automate their mortgage processes and ease their hunt for their most valuable investment that is their own property.

Mortgage Alliance required an application that would be able to perform mathematical and logical operations regarding mortgages on the run-time and display invaluable financial information with an easy-to-understand interface.



With the combined effort of our developers’ team and financial guidelines provided by Mortgage Alliance, we created an interactive platform that mainly focused on three major features.


Credit Tracker™ integrated with the Equifax system, empowers the user by providing him an accessible and easy-to-comprehend way to receive his credit score instantly. It helps user to make well informed decisions while choosing the best mortgage option.


Property Tracker™ is another feature we added that deals with the current market valuation of your property. The accuracy and transparency were kept in mind to integrate a digitized version of property values with live feed which conventionally was a domain of a realtor.


Inventory Tracker™ encourages the users to get a better overview of their personal belongings and their values.


The MOPOLO application received a very warm welcome by the user community. The application has been especially useful to people applying for mortgages as easy as tapping on the “apply for mortgage” button which otherwise was a tiresome process. The application has been enjoying a high review because of its unique calculation features that literally brings the bank at the palm of the user.


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