CalorieWiz Case Study
Case Study

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Mark DiFruscio – President and Co-founder of Arcturus Innovations is a fitness enthusiast at heart. Mark has been working on personal fitness, diet control and weight monitoring for years to stay healthy and fit.

Having used a variety of mobile applications for health and fitness management, Mark realized that the applications work as an instructor. And the algorithms instruct what, when, and how to eat. He wanted to create an application that would work the other way around. Rather than instructing user on what and when to eat, the application would learn from the user what they intend to consume during the meal and provide a calorie break down for it.

Invision Solutions was approached by Arcturus Innovation to help them deliver an application for users’ health and fitness. The greatest challenge was to develop an application on the idea that was completely antithesis to the market trend and conventional algorithmic process.



Our application development team devised a strategy to redefine out-of-the-box concept into an easy-to-use mobile application. The strategy was streamlined and were laid into 3 tasks.


Allows the users to select the number of meals they intend to take throughout the day. Typically, the user would get three meals added in the pane of breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the user may add more meals left to his/her discretion.


It allows users to add the food that they intend to consume during any of their meals. The application gives a complete calorie break down of the nutrition available in the food being consumed.


CalorieWiz uses the Harris Benedict equation to calculate the user basal metabolic rate (BMR) and applies the activity level that best describes the users’ lifestyle in order to determine his/her daily caloric maintenance level.


The CalorieWiz application has been well received by fitness enthusiasts around the Canada. It has also been applauded by the user community due to its sophisticated user interface that allows the user to drive maximum value from the application and become healthier day-by-day.


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