The ideal mobile app design is the key to achieving overall mobile app development success

A mobile application is just another type of software which is optimized for use on mobile platforms. There are various stages of developing a winning application for use on smart devices. They include the planning, designing, developing, implementing, and the supporting stages, just to name some key processes. We focus on describing the costs that are associated with app design, which is one of these fundamental elements.

Many businesses are afraid of getting a mobile app because they are afraid of its different phases. We believe that by hiring the help of a top mobile app development firm in Canada, it is possible to simplify these different stages and achieve the best visual design.

Here, we first describe the design of a mobile app and then discuss the primary factors that govern it. We then suggest a few tips that will help you keep your costs down while still getting the best design for your business app.


What is App Design?

Mobile app design is the first operational stage of creating a suitable application. It follows the planning process, and employs the project specification requirements to develop the required mobile app. The design stage provides the visual elements of the project and creates the skeleton on which operational functionality can be developed, according to the client requirements.

Mobile app design contains the required navigation and the selection of the internal links which are important for creating a working setup for the software tool. The design marks the boundaries for application developers, where a poor design means that it becomes impossible to achieve optimal performance.

Cost Governing Factors

There are various factors that govern the overall cost of a mobile app design. If ideally dealt, these factors can not only decrease the design costs, but ensure the completion of an optimal mobile app development project. A skilled app development firm in Canada will surely understand these factors and take care of them in each app design process.



The research for creating the ideal design is also a cost governing factor. Some applications are basic in nature and the customer behind them is happy with a simple design. However, some customers are specific in their design specifications and often ask for multiple design concepts to be presented by an app development firm in Canada.

Research can often become a large cost factor, especially when it is required to create an app design that delivers a specific user experience. Research is also required to understand the design requirements of the customer and then creating the ideal plan on how to execute them in a perfect UI/UX design.


Screens are the visual elements that create the structure of a mobile app. More screens surely take more time to design and also increase the complexity of the complete process. Screen designs are part of front-end development and create the user-friendly structure that we are all familiar with. It takes time and effort from the designers to make suitable screens.

Designing the required screens from mock-ups to the final versions can take many hours of work. They can often be the primary cost factor, where more complex screens will simply require more man hours increasing the overall app design costs. Creating the complex screens can easily take more than 100 hours and remains the primary cost factor that you simply cannot avoid.

Customization Needs

Custom app designs are often required in many software development projects. An experienced mobile app development firm in Canada will always look to provide you with a customized design for your needs. This often includes the need to create visual elements from the scratch and their adjustments to fit the needs of the application user. This process is lengthy and is often part of the cost of a typical custom app design.


Now that you have the required screens build with customization, there is still a need to test out if they can work in an intended manner. Testing can be often compounded with app development and will often identify several problems that are present in the initial app design. Testing costs have to be included within the design phase for the required visual elements such as icons, screens, and popups.

A mobile app development firm in Canada that takes care of app design testing needs will always have to bear an extra cost. However, including testing costs in the initial phase of designing simplifies implementation process and allows the quick spread of the final app version. This ensures that businesses can closely follow a schedule and put their application product out at the right time.

Type of App

The type of app is also a significant design factor. The design for a native app requires a different approach when compared to working on hybrid or web apps. The type of the application signifies the required design sources, affecting the entire app design process. Matching the right design sources allows the reduction of costs as much as possible, producing the best possible project results.


There are various project management methodologies that are used by mobile app development firms. They directly impact the costs of an app design, as different professionals in a firm communicate with each other according to a specific methodology. The use of old methods can often complicate mobile app design tasks and bring in the additional costs of performing the required communication.

Designing Graphics

There are several graphics that are required during a project. These include icons, banners, and other visual elements, which are required for use on multiple screens. The overall mobile app design costs include the estimation of the required graphical tools. The use of animations is required for some mobile apps, which requires a significant increase in the resources. This affects the overall project costs and requires an app design at a higher expense.

Development Platform

Mobile app design focuses on creating a visual structure, but it certainly depends on the development platform as well. The design requirements of Android and iOS can often differ because of the differences in the native elements of the two famous platforms. Android is simple in terms of design parameters. It did not use any guidelines a few years ago. However, from 2015, app designers must adhere to its user interface guidelines. But still there is fragmentation and it is possible to follow different practices.

Apple has strong Human interface Guidelines that all designers must follow. Otherwise, the app store can refuse to publish the finished application due to non-compliance. Standardization of the app design is important especially when creating an iOS app, as it allows the finished application to match its ecosystem. The interaction with the app also becomes easier and users would not have to learn how to behave with a new application.

Managing to stick to these guidelines often requires a few additional working hours. This can increase the app design costs but is an essential requirement. A reputed mobile app development firm in Canada will always include this factor in their quoted app design cost, which will ensure that you would not have to worry about platform compliance.

Labour Costs

Another major factor is the price of the working hours. A mobile app development firm in Canada quotes a price based on the hourly charges of their employed designers. Good designers can be extremely hard to afford as they charge top dollars for their services. You need to find a suitable app design firm that understands your requirements and offers you an affordable design package.

Tips to Decrease App Design Costs

Now that you understand the primary factors that govern the app design cost, we are going to suggest some relevant cost-control measures. Implementing these tips and tricks will ensure that you can reduce the design costs, allowing you to use the available budget towards more pressing tasks such as promoting your finished application.

Research First


Relevant research for creating the ideal app design is important. You can reduce research costs by performing it first by yourself. If your business already requires you to research the key parameters such as target audience and other important elements, you can include design research as well. Find out the ideal design parameters from Google and Apple and study similar applications for the ideal visual elements.

Researching first eliminates the common bugs that are present in the first version of your mobile app. The bugs are also present in the design, because the later development can often change the way that the visual elements respond. You can find out more information about the ideal design practices and mention them in your project design requirements when hiring a reputed mobile app development firm in Canada.

Choose Platform


Some business owners are not clear about which mobile platform to target and ask for an app design which can be placed on any platform in the future. This is not a good practice as it means that the designers have to study and conform to all possible visual standards. This increases their work, which results in elevating the cost of the app design project.

When you select the platform before the app design, it helps you reduce your costs. The designers then only need to follow a single set of guidelines and can optimize their activities to achieve the best design within a strict budget. We suggest that you select the ideal platform by analyzing your application needs. This may require you to take advice from a reputed app design firm in Canada to understand your requirements and provide the ideal suggestion.

Balance Efficiency and Visual Experience


The best UI may become too difficult to maintain and support using the required code. This can increase the app design costs. If you ask for an app design that balances the visual elements against operating efficiency, only then you can enjoy the best design quotes. When you make your design requirements transparent and ask for providing an efficient balance, you will reduce your overall app project costs due to optimal efficiency.

Relevant Design Experience


A tip that will always help you bring down design costs is to find a designer or a company with relevant experience. Remember, a designer that has already worked on similar designs can rely on their experience to present a suitable app design in less time than the competitors. Good designers are able to provide you reduced costs because they can fall back to their previous experiences and produce the ideal app designs in the first go, saving valuable time in software designing projects.

Offline Design Efficiency


Dynamic elements that need internet connectivity are great for an app design, but they can limit its use. When preparing design requirements, you should ask for visual elements that are fully functional offline. This gives you the most cost-efficient solution as it is possible to work with your application at all times. Your design cost will bring in the ideal benefits when it does not depend on internet access, ensuring optimal returns on your design investment.

The Right Partner


Trying to create an app design in-house is not a suitable option in most cases. We suggest that you find the right mobile app development firm in Canada as your ideal partner. This will allow you to keep the overall costs down and achieve the best software application design. We believe that prior research and a well-developed project plan will help you compare the available options to choose a winner.



Simplify your design needs as much as possible before you approach a suitable app designer or a software vendor. Remember, simplifying your application needs is great for reducing the estimated costs. It also provides a greater control over your entire app development project, allowing you to finalize a scope that you can easily achieve.


These are some excellent tips that help your control the important elements of mobile app design. This ensures that you can keep your design costs under control, and in fact, maximize your performance under all conditions. Working with a reputed mobile app development firm in Canada will allow you to not only get an ideal app design, but to complete the entire project in an optimal manner.

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