Choosing the Right Native Application Platform is the Key to Achieving Your Business Needs

The two main mobile operating systems in the world right now are Android and iOS. Supported by top tech conglomerates of Google and Apple, they represent the epitome of modern smart mobile devices. Selecting the ideal mobile app development platform out of the two can be a difficult choice for many business owners. With the information that we present you here, you will find it easier to make the right platform choice.

Here, we will explain the benefits of both platforms. We will follow it up with certain situations where selecting a particular platform seems the ideal choice. We then also introduce you to the fact that you do not necessarily have to stick to only developing specific Android or iOS mobile app solutions.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Android App Development

The Android operating system is the global leader and powers millions of mobile devices around the world. Therefore, Android apps are perfect when you want to target a large audience with your business products/services. It is important to understand the benefits of selecting Android app development for your business software needs. Here are some important pros and cons of using the Android platform.


The Benefits

There are several benefits of using the Android platform. Here are some excellent points in this regard:

1. You can quickly release the minimum viable product (MVP) when using Android apps. This is perfect for a situation where you must test your app hypothesis to find out whether the users like the implemented features or not.

2. Android apps will give you access to a wider audience. If you plan to create an app with a global appeal, we suggest that you strongly look towards the development of a relevant Android application.

3. Android apps are easy to develop as the platform has been around for some time. Our experts can take on a project of any magnitude and use their Android app development skills to create the ideal software products.

4. You can easily develop innovative Android apps that bring a unique function to a specific industry. This makes Android a perfect choice for startups indulging in novel industrial applications.

5. You can use any combination of testing alpha and beta versions. This ensures optimal testing performance and allows you to examine the worth of your business app ideas.

These are some of the more common benefits that you can enjoy should you choose to select Android app development for your business needs. You can clearly see that Android is a perfect platform that offers global coverage and excellent testing avenues.

The Limitations

There are some cons of Android app development as well. Here, we present some important points that you must consider before making the platform choice:

1. Optimization in Android is not the greatest since it must support a host of varying devices. This results in poor battery performance, meaning that you must design complex applications in a careful manner.

2. A key drawback is that since it is possible to use third-party apps in Android, they can often harm your application and negatively affect the user experience.

3. The user interface can appear different on different Android versions, which makes the app integration difficult. Developers can often fail to produce an app that appears perfectly well on all supported devices and does not confuse the general users.

4. Android offers multiple app development avenues and facilities. There are several libraries for use in Android app development. This can produce an abundance of choice making it difficult to choose the ideal app development options.

5. Device fragmentation is great, meaning that you must prepare your app to work with different screen sizes and hardware specifications. This can make it difficult to produce a wide-scale app although you can achieve it by hiring an experienced mobile app agency in Canada.

These are some of the important limitations that you should consider when developing a business application. Now we switch our focus to the other platform.

Pros and Cons of Choosing iOS App Development

Apple is a leading technology company that makes amazing smart devices, including phones and tablet computers. They run on their proprietary iOS mobile operating system. Understanding the pros and cons of this platform will allow you to make the right platform choice when developing the required business application for client exposure and firm support. Compare the benefits and the limitations that we describe here to educate yourself:


The Benefits

These are some of the important benefits of using iOS app development for your business needs:

1. Apple devices are associated with premium products and services. They allow you to connect to people who already represent an excellent market segment for most digital services and products.

2. They are easier to develop since you only have to support your application for a single set of hardware and software components: ones that are present in Apple devices.

3. The UI is powerfully standardised and this allows iOS developers to produce a better user experience when compared to Android applications.

4. The available tools for iOS app development are fully tested and free from bugs. This greatly enhances the performance of iOS apps as they face reduced development challenges.

5. The general quality of iOS apps is higher due to better device integration and optimal use of the available platform resources. Publishing a partial app is extremely difficult on Apple’s app store.

6. iOS is a user-friendly platform. It is perfect for creating social apps where your focus is on attracting a young audience. Apple apps are often superior in terms of providing a complex user experience.

These are some important benefits of choosing iOS app development for your business software needs. If they apply to your particular situation, we suggest that you use iOS app development for your software projects.

The Limitations

Every platform has its own set of limitations. Here are some important limitations of the iOS platform that you must consider:

1. Your app release can only become available on the store once it is approved by Apple. This makes this platform slower and static for businesses that must carry out regular application improvements.

2. Apple is more or less in control of your application. If they find something wrong with your app design, they can stop it from appearing in the store which will mean a loss of income, resources, and valuable time for your business.

3. Since quality is an important parameter for app acceptance, it is hard for you to test your ideas using beta applications as your minimum viable products.

4. Apple store only presents a small number of results, which makes it difficult to receive the required exposure for your nascent application. Getting noticed can be difficult with iOS apps.

5. Synchronization and customised operating system changes are limited and heavily governed in iOS environments. This makes it difficult to produce a flexible solution capable of altering the use of internal resources for a particular application.

These are some limitations that you must consider when choosing the right mobile app development platform for your business application needs. If you find that it is still difficult for you to make a winning choice, we present some typical situations and describe your options for successful native mobile app development.

Common Mobile App Development Situations

Although the needs of each organization is different in terms of developing a suitable mobile application, there are some possible generalizations. Here, we describe some common app development situations and suggest the best course of action that you can take:


Business Exposure

The first situation is when you need business exposure. We suggest that you should carefully look at your target market to choose the right platform out of the available choices of Android or iOS. If you want to target young individuals, an iOS app will work perfectly for your firm. However, if you have a business idea that applies to smart industry devices, using an Android app provides the perfect solution.

Hiring a reputed native mobile app development agency in Canada will take this burden off your shoulders. Simply inform them about your needs and let them process this information. You should then follow their suggestions in terms of selecting the right mobile app development platform for your business exposure needs.

Process Automation

Another important business need is to automate the regular business processes that are difficult to carry out at an optimal efficiency using manual labour. We believe that the right app development platform for process automation is the one which is easily available in your organization. Take the example of a creative business where most people use Apple devices for creating thinking analysis and designing. An iOS app will work perfectly in this scenario.

However, let’s take this argument in a more industrial setting with devices that operate using Android-enabled devices. An Android app capable of multi-device support will present an ideal solution in this case. We suggest that you take the help of an experienced mobile app development firm and include their advice in your decision-making.

Supply Chain Management

If you are in a business where your product and materials must go through a long chain of events, you need a strong supply chain management system. Once again, the right native app development platform depends on the nature of your market and your important stakeholders. Ideally, we suggest that you choose a specialized Android application which can be made available with special tablets that you can provide to all your supply chain stakeholders.

However, this will make it difficult to connect your supply chain to the end consumer. If you want a more complex system, let a top mobile app development agency in Canada take care of your business needs and prepare the ideal native mobile app. With the selection of the right platform, the success of your business is almost a guarantee.

Customer Support Needs

If you already have a business but need to establish the ideal customer support, we suggest that you create an app that works for both the Android and the iOS platforms. This is important since you cannot limit the ability of your customers to connect with you to resolve their problems. Selecting a top mobile app development agency in Canada can help your cause as they can identify your customer support needs and create the right mobile app for this purpose.

You can offer the best customer support through an app, especially if it allows you to also handle their requests and complaints. Creating such an app is possible in both Android and iOS and we suggest that you develop your support mechanism for all possible platforms. Coherent software-based support solutions get good respect from customers and can often produce loyal customers out of people who may have faced an issue when dealing with your business.

Ecommerce Platform

If you want another sales funnel for your business, both platforms can work as great ecommerce application tools. We once again suggest that you observe your target market and understand the platform on which they are commonly available. Selecting a reputed native mobile app development agency in Canada will allow you to let go of your worries and get an ecommerce app on both Android and iOS app stores.

Sometimes, you may have a specific audience like targeting young individuals. This will mean that you can use iOS app development. Similarly, it may be possible that you only require Android app development for all your commercial needs. Let industry professionals help you make this decision and you will always move in the right direction in your mobile app development projects!



We hope that this detailed discussion of Android and iOS platforms will help you make the right choice. In fact, you can also match your own business scenario against some of our mentioned ones to find out how you can compare the available options and make a winning native mobile app development platform choice.

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