Today business organizations are keen to know! What does Mobile App Architecture mean for Our Business? How can we transform our business with Mobile app architecture?

The digitalization of Canadian companies is causing changes at the infrastructure level, but it has been the arrival of a new digital paradigm that has caused the transformation of business models. You must have a strong foundation to build your own mobile application architecture. As the Canadian business organizations realizing the potential of mobile application, competition is becoming really fierce for all the players. A number of businesses might just fail due to the poor architecture. You need a significant amount of groundwork in getting start with your mobile app, otherwise you will disappoint the users.

The applications have become a key factor for this transformation as they provide important innovations with few technical requirements. We are talking about mobile applications, application architecture and the elements that integrate them have a significant impact on organizations. According to Gartner analysts, there are two main drivers of change in applications: Software-defined infrastructure and the adoption of SaaS solutions.

The infrastructure defined by software has revolutionized the figure of the developer, since it allows an optimized work management and a reduction of costs, while the adoption of SaaS solutions prevents companies from requiring all kinds of infrastructures for their IT performance. This supposes a change of mentality within the companies since, if IT management is passed on to third parties, the need to manage their own infrastructures is reduced and with it, a simplification of the department’s work.

The adoption of new technologies in the digital business era is vital for business continuity. Therefore, the capacity for innovation and the training of human resources become a determining factor for organizations. For this reason, at Invision Solutions we care about advising our clients and suggesting the technologies that best suit your business and your needs.


Transform your Business with Mobile Solutions

Mobile apps offers Canadian businesses with the opportunity to streamline and transform business processes. The online, instant, fast, and ubiquitous business solutions with a broader range of mobile context awareness will offer you new sources of income that can generate operational efficiency. Mobile technology is the key to digital transformation and a modern approach to application development.

As mobile channels are rapidly increasing interaction between the customers and employees, organizations must build, integrate, and deploy mobile applications faster and more efficiently. Invision Solutions provides tools to support mobile app development and supports your architecture via consulting services to help you deal with your customers and partners, accelerate mobile app development, and integrate back-end systems with third-party services.

Mobile app technology has revolutionized the way we do business and has brought companies with a new setting for gaming Apps. In a world where there are more phones than televisions, it is impossible to end the day without resorting to the screen of the mobile phone. Asking for a meal, calling a taxi, checking the bank statement or simply checking the emails are among thousands of service possibilities available in the palm of your hand.


The digital age has changed consumer habits and forced companies to rethink their business and design new strategies to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Apps are one such tactic of transaction improvements. To transform the business model to the customer and meet the expectations of the consumers of the new digital era, especially millennials (individuals born between 1980 and 2000), we must take into account what the audience in question expects to find when downloading an application.

For this, first of all, one must use approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean Inception, among others, to align the product with the end user’s desires. The more resources companies can generate through a click, the more assertive will be your approach with the customer. But how to develop an application that meets the expectations of the end consumer?

In order to launch a good solution in the Canadian market, it is essential to have a team of architects, usability experts and Agile Experts. The product roadmap should be decided under the guidance of multidisciplinary groups. Many of these developers are full-stack and are prepared to design the best architecture, combining all of this with the good end-customer experience.

This is the key question to be asked not to err in the delivery of the product and ally the brand to the mobile technology. The competition in a digital world requires creativity to launch itself into business, constant updating to stay behind and assertiveness in delivering the solution. A project structured and supported by a good team of professionals is what guarantees the success of any initiative.

The focus of enterprise mobility is to place mobile users at the heart of business strategy. Mobile application development is moving from a stand-alone mobile app initiative to a more integrated solution. These mobile applications leverage multiple technologies to increase added value, enhance development and deployment efficiency, and provide greater flexibility and scalability. All of this makes mobile app architecture an important force in broadening the prospects for enterprise application development.


The main reason of increased penetration of retail and other Canadian industries in mobile app development is that it is an important channel for companies to interact with customers and employees. However, the development and deployment of mobile applications places high demands on speed and flexibility, as mobile projects often need to meet unpredictable user demand patterns and scale requirements.

The challenge for your software team or IT department is to achieve faster development and delivery while maintaining security controls, managing infrastructure requirements, and integrating applications with data and processes. IT can address this challenge by developing API strategies and choosing a platform that supports mobile development. You can always increase your business agility with enterprise-class mobile solutions.

From Traditional Instruments to Modern Applications

From on-site services to transaction processing, people are still using paper forms to collect data. Imagine if you can replace these forms with mobile apps, easily get digital information, automatically fill in data information, verify data entry, and exchange data with back-end office systems. This not only makes business operations easier, simpler, safer, and more reliable, but also provides real-time business information monitoring. There are several open source platforms and they empower of an open organization.

Many organization have made many efforts for the mobile technology open source community. Invision Solutions engineers are dedicated to helping you improve functionality, reliability and safety, ensuring that mobile solutions perform well, safely and steadily. Like all open source projects, Invision Solutions contribute code to the upstream code base and provides improvements to share all of the advances.

Of course, our collaboration with the community is not limited to developing code. Collaboration allows everyone to freely ask questions and ensure improvements. Because Invision Solutions has been a trusted provider of enterprise infrastructure for more than 10 years. Check out the following business case to learn more about codeless tools and how to replace paper workflows with mobile forms.


Mobile App Solutions for Field Staff Management

Workers in many Canadian businesses spend a lot of time on site every day: performing maintenance checks, overhauling infrastructure, selling products and services, delivering inventory, and more. The operations management of these sites is complex and costly. Using mobile technology to support the management of field staff helps in promoting innovation, operational efficiency and customer service. Specifically, you may find the following benefits interesting:

  • Provides real-time, accurate information to field workers through integration with back-end systems
  • Improve scheduling and routing with location-based and real-time data
  • Eliminate manual processes with automatic form filling and data collection
  • Optimize workflow when integrated with other technologies such as business process and rule management, data analytics, or the Internet of Things (IoT)

To achieve these functions, specific implementation methods can be used; such as controlling fuel and labor costs, optimizing delivery schedules and equipment supply, and improving customer self-service.


Mobile App Solutions for Financial Services

With the explosive growth of mobile banking, the demand for mobile app solutions and their supporting technologies is also increasing. To achieve better customer service, superior control, and on-demand delivery through mobile applications, organizations must quickly innovate and develop mobile-first business ideas.

Ever since, physical banking is gradually being replaced by online and mobile banking, competition between traditional banks and financial institutions and startups in the same field (such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Moven, etc.) is becoming increasingly fierce. As mobile banking grows, so does the demand for app architecture solutions, support technologies, and developer skills.


Mobile App Solutions for Manufacturing

Connecting smartphones and tablets to the back end of the enterprise system further enhances business automation and improves the way manufacturers and suppliers do business, and how they communicate with field workers and customers. No matter where you are, employees have the right information at all times. Not only this, but they can achieve increasing productivity, optimizing resource management and make faster business decisions.

With its tight connections to human and business resources such as computers, parts and product inventory, mobile solutions offer manufacturers with new opportunities to optimize inventory management, logistics, fleet management, and customer service. Intelligent manufacturing will revolutionize the supply chain process and completely change the way products are invented, produced, transported and transported.

Mobile App Solutions for Petroleum and Natural Gas

From rigs to pipeline and fleet management, mobile device solutions offer unique opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of today’s key oil and gas operations. The Mobile Workforce Management applications can help field engineers automatically locate plumbing facilities, facilitate maintenance checks, and quickly access critical data and technical specifications. In the event of an accident, the mobile solution can also quickly capture relevant images and communicate with other engineers to get a solution.

On-site inspection can also be done by moving the form after the work is completed. Through secure integration with back-end systems, mobile applications can effectively improve the timeliness and quantity of users’ access to information, thereby creating better decision making, security and productivity for the enterprise.


When an application is well developed, it allows customers to access your business assertively, from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that, during the design of the project, the usability be analyzed, as well as the content disclosed and the functionalities to be offered. Everything so that the App does not fall into the forgetfulness of the user or is complete dissatisfaction for the potential audience.

By making an application available, the company tightens ties with customers and allows them to get closer to their business. Unlike the website, which is an environment in which people search for information, the application is a system of constant interaction. The old and functional business strategy remains the same: what is not seen is not remembered.

Without a doubt, Canadian mobile applications will not stop advancing. In today’s digital world, applications are no longer co-operative and are now prominent in the success of organizations’ business strategy. But do not forget: it is critical to make sure that the development of new applications is done by an experienced technology partner as Invision Solutions with a good team of professionals. It is not enough to have an App. You need to plan your use beforehand and the business goals to be achieved.

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