Managing your app’s health and prosperity is a constant activity that ensures post launch success

For those who have already created an app for their business needs, it is time to move to the post launch stage. Remember, you can only achieve your business objectives if you perform the ideal app maintenance and ensure that you attain the targeted post launch app success. We suggest that you work with a reputed app development firm for your project, to ensure that you can enjoy the ideal app support services.

Managing the health of your app is a key element in achieving the much-needed business success. Here, we have identified and analyzed the key strategies that will help you achieve post launch app success. Feel free to use these strategies and others that you may find are great for your business success.


1. Maintenance Schedule


The most important strategy which is a must for your app success it to create a detailed maintenance schedule. Your app ideally needs a powerful update after four weeks of initial use. This is the period in which you can identify any key business problems with your app and work with your app development company to find specific solutions.

We suggest that you create short but frequent maintenance tasks. This will not only improve your app maintenance, but also enhance the perception of your business brand. Your aim should be to provide the ideal app support, which becomes visible by publishing a strong schedule. In fact, your customers will build their own working schedules around your app updates, showing that they are depending their activities on your application.

We like businesses that miniaturize their business objectives and attempt to break them down in small steps. Your post launch app success is no different in this regard and is significantly improved with the help of a maintenance schedule. It will allow you to quickly present answers against the requests of your customers and enhance the user satisfaction of your business application.

2. Continuous Product Development


Working with a good mobile app developer will allow you to pursue the continuous product development strategy. You continue to produce better versions of your app by keeping the product development process going on with detailed information received from your users. This development ensures that your next application update is geared towards improvement in terms of both cost reduction and a better user experience.

This strategy is only possible when you work with a reputed mobile app development agency. You will receive the ideal app support from them that ensures that you continue to offer application improvements. A good developer will ensure that you have a functioning app, but one which can receive numerous updates that improve its performance in the future.

3. No Beta Versions


Many businesses want to stay away from facing customer complaints and often term their first application as a beta version. This can significantly impact your post launch app success as customers behave differently when they have the perception of using a beta application. Simply present every app version as an improvement over the previous option and you will find that your clients will respond positively.

Your post launch app success chances will also increase since you will receive realistic feedback. However, you should not worry about receiving negative remarks as these are bound to occur for your early application versions. When you take responsibility for your application, you will find it easier to understand the customer behaviour. This will result in significant enhancements in your app support methods.

4. Prioritizing in Maintenance Tasks


When your app is out there in the market, you will receive numerous app support requests. Sometimes, it will not be possible to resolve all these problems. You will need to prioritize your app maintenance tasks to manage your business, especially with limited resources. The common tasks include visual improvements, printing errors, misalignment of items, database problems, and security issues.

As you can observe, not all these categories should have the same weight, especially with limited app support and maintenance resources. You should always ensure that the integrity of your mobile app is secured first. This means that all database management, logical, and security bugs should be resolved at the earliest. In fact, you can create a prioritization policy that factors in all important elements.

Some important factors include your app database performance, the security of user data, and user experience. Remember, there is nothing to be afraid of when bugs appear. Even the best mobile apps were not bug-free initially. You can partner with your app development firm and continue to ensure that you prioritize app maintenance tasks.

5. Eliminate Impulsive Actions


An excellent strategy that will optimize your post launch app success is to eliminate impulsive actions during your app support. There will be times where your support must handle an angry customer who demands an immediate change. We suggest that you empathize with your customer, attempt to understand the issue, but never rush into producing an impulsive app improvement.

Research shows that most wrong app support actions within the first two days of receiving a feedback. Although it is important to build functions based on customer feedback, it is also important to first analyze the problem and understand how solving it can affect other app functions. Always make sure that you will never have to take back an app change because you rushed into it. However, if you do realize your mistake with the help of your app developer, do not hesitate to make the required correction.

6. Competitor App Knowledge


Your post launch app success also depends on several external factors, such as the performance and the capabilities of your competitors. There are several online resources that you can use to monitor the performance of your competitor companies. Sometimes, you may not have a clear rival but you still need to gain the knowledge of your business environment to anticipate new competition.
There are some elements that you need to follow strongly. Learn about the app names and the service structures of your competitors. You cannot change your application name to compete with others, but you can surely improve your captions and the overall content. The idea here is to remain dynamic and use the competitor knowledge to produce the optimal performance. This will ensure that your app success is possible, even in a competitive environment.

7. Control App Size


We suggest that you always implement the strategy to control the size of your application and the resources that it needs to successfully operate. If you continue to update and add to your app, it will quickly reach a size which cannot be managed with your current set of resources. It is possible that your app becomes too complex when you continue to make additions to fulfil the demands of your customers.

There will be a time where even if you hire additional app support resources, it will become extremely difficult to continue to manage your technical resources. You will need a strong backend app maintenance system, and the number of bugs that you face will continue to rise due to the increased sophistication. You should set up a policy and make sure that your application does not cross a specific complexity level.

Many business apps commit the mistake of adding more functionality to upsell on their monthly subscriptions. In the end, customers start to lose the sense of the primary business functionality that the app offers. This causes a loss of business opportunity as the app becomes too specific to target a large audience. You must ensure that you always follow your initial application scope to achieve maximum success.

8. Dynamic Updates


Although it is important to keep the application size and resources under control, you can use the strategy of dynamic updates. The beauty of using web and mobile apps is that you are not bound to your initial application. You can identify the key aspects of your business and then improve your software app with a dynamic update.

There are examples where the secondary functionality of a business app becomes so popular that companies have changed their direction. You should also carefully study the use of your app and understand the responses of your clients. If you find strong evidence of your app providing a strong function other than from your primary objective, you can play smart and change your focus.

9. Evolving Support


You will also find that there are problems with your app support system once you have launched the app. To ensure your post launch app success, you need to work with a reputed mobile app development firm and create a support improvement strategy. As your app customers increase and provide you with specific feedback, you will need to up your game and offer them improved app maintenance services.

The evolving support occurs when you continue to make additions to your FAQ page as well as create new articles on your website. These entries should occur in line with the customer problems and provide them with more knowledge about the intricate functionality of your app. This will significantly improve the chances of post launch app success and allow your business to grow in an exponential manner.

10. Feedback Measurement


A key strategy that ensures app success is to create a feedback measurement system. You must record customer reviews, problems, and identified software bugs. Ideally, you can hire an expert who can look at the available feedback and create a detailed report for your app support and maintenance needs. This will also help you separate the necessary measurement values from the ordinary ones.

Your measurement should always be geared towards producing application improvements. The right feedback will allow you to constantly improve your web or mobile app. It is a necessary step that will make other app updating activities a lot easier and manageable. Your retention rate and average revenue generated per user are important statistics that you should always measure. They should be the foundations of your post app success strategy.

11. App Marketing


Your app is already live and functioning well for your users. This does not mean that you should reduce your app marketing efforts. In fact, now is the best time to go aggressive and marketing your business app on all relevant avenues. Your marketing should remain consistent with your business objectives while also taking maximum advantage of any newsjacking opportunities.

The most important marketing avenue for apps is their description space. Always ensure that you provide the details of your app updates in this area, rather than simply writing bug fixes or update 1.1. You should use every available marketing avenue to its fullest and ensure that you maximize your app potential, especially with improved versions.

12. Selectable Push Notifications


Many app users often complain that they receive too many push notifications that destroys their experience and perception. We suggest that you allow users to carefully select a limited set of push notifications that allows them to remain current without overwhelming them with useless information. With better control over these notices, you will guarantee the post launch app success that you desire.

Remember, the purpose of any business app is to make a functionality easier. You should avoid becoming a nuisance and allow people to use your services in a comprehensive manner. You can also simply allow your user to switch off any push notifications. Remember, you can always generate a message within the app if you want your users to make an update. Giving them more control is necessary to ensure your post launch app success.


These are the twelve amazing strategies that you can use to optimize the performance of your after its launch. Most of them can only achieve success if you work with an experienced app development company. This is a necessary step since it can be difficult for a business to maintain its own technical expertise. Make the right choice and you will always have the best professionals to manage your app support and maintenance in real-time use.

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